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Really enjoyed this! Not sure if it was a word count thing, but I would have LOVED to hear more of Tim and Paige's conversation at the end - at least heard exactly how she answered! You did a great job of getting Paige's personality and insecurities on the page for all to see! Great ending, too!
This is a very readable, enjoyable story. While the ending was good, I felt like it sort of "fell off the page". In other words, it was a bit abrupt.
I didn't really detract from the story line, though. Good job!
Great story! Very entertaining. Personally I think the ending would have been perfect stopping right when he asked her to meet at the church, but I like the last sentence, too. Good job!
A nice and heartwarming story. I really enjoyed reading this!
*stupid grin* what a way to meet a guy huh? Love it, keep up the good work and you'll be moving up quickly.
Welcome to FaithWriters, and this is a fabulous first entry!
A really cute story. The dialogue sounded very natural and I enjoyed her stammering. "So, how was the fire?" I smiled at: "Yea! I made it through a whole sentence..." Great title too!
Good job. You could use a bit of help with punctuation though. I see the comma monster has you; he can be very tricky. I would look for commas that don't need to go before every "and" also try not to start sentences with "and". With a bit of advice on grammer and punctuation I think this would be a very strong story. I agree your character development was great and I love your main character. Any girl can SO identify. That is a dream story. Thanks.
I liked your story - lots of possibilities and shows how God delights in surprising us when we least expect it!
Ha! I loved when the words turned to gobbledegook. I re-read that and went, "huh?" and then kept reading. Made me chuckle.
This was a great story. Your characters were very realistic. I would love to know what happens after this :)
Great job!
Fun! This was really delightful.

Just being picky here..... I did pause at the description of the traffic being 'jammed' and Tim speeding off and her soon after. I guess the traffic had slowed a bit, but it couldn't really be jammed if he sped away, right?

Nit picking stuff only. This really was very good, CatLin. Well done.
Cute story.
Enjoyed reading this again, my friend - a great first entry. (I remember you chomping at the bit to enter LOL)
Such a pleasant romantic story. I enjoyed this very much.
I really enjoyed the way your story came together - it was logical and the emotions true to form (for everyone involved). I can see why you've progressed so well at FW...great job!