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Excellent character devlopment on Jenny. I loved the story between her and Ruby.
Very interesting take on the subject. I noted a few grammatical things like run-on sentences. Your storyline though was solid and it was an enjoyable read. Good character development with Jenny--don't some of us sabotage others to advance ourselves? Story might have benefited from more development of the other girl and why she had a servant heart. Otherwise, very nicely done. Thanks for sharing.
Very nice! What a great story of taking a Spirit-led opportunity! Go, Ruby! Well done.
Excellent opening paragraph! Very descriptive without getting bogged down in minutia. Good development and flow of the storyline!

There's a saying that goes, "Preach the gospel every chance you get, use words only when absolutely necessary. Ruby epitomises this concept! She showed her faith by her actions!

You just need to pay a little more attention when proofreading next time. All in all, a very good job!
Fun story, and a nice ending. Thank you.
OK, I thought this to be one of the most clever uses of the topic I have seen. Yes, with a little more development and shorter sentences you can improve, but the concept is wonderful. I would encourage you to take some of the suggestions and develop Ruby's personality, and expand this story while we have the break. Very clever. Made me stop and think how my words can sometimes plant weeds in the gardens of others. Great job!!!!!!!!!
I agree! This is a wonderful take on the topic. This is a keeper. It has a few grammatical issues, but nothing that can't be fixed. Polish it up and submit it somewhere. Good job!
Very clever take on the subject - and what a unique way to draw someone to the Lord. Great job!