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I love your spirit of calm acceptance and trust in the Lord. What a wonderful attitude, and a beautiful description of your place by the river.
Stirring tribute to THE River of life that breeds such beautiful passion and gratitude. I felt hope and solace, a twinge of sad melancholy when I discovered the writers physical pain, and complete peace as I shared their journey to their favorite place. I greatly enjoyed this plenary range of emotions. Heartfelt and inspirational.

Rivers continue to fascinate people from all walks of life, just as mountains and oceans do. I am glad you have your river to help inspire you to turn out such great writings to inspire the rest of us. This article has stirred up an awareness in me of something that has been missing in my life for the last few years, without my even being conscious of it. I no longer have that "special geographical place" to go to for inspiration like I used to. I've got to get out and find me another one. Thanks for pouring out your heart, and God is bigger than those doctors.
You've painted a lovely picture. I, too, used to love walking by the river. As a young woman, my family lived at Lapstone and it was a 15 minute clamber down the steepest part of the mountain to the Nepean River where it intersects with the Glenbrook Gorge. As I grew older and less energetic, gentle walks between the two bridges over the river at Penrith (up one side and down the other) were more my scene. So you brought back lovely memories - thanks.

One constructive tip you might like to consider is to sit by the river and brainstorm everything your five senses experience, then build that into your piece. The part where you described what you could see was especially beautiful. I'd like to have known what you could smell (that lovely moist smell, the grasses etc), hear (the rumbling of the bridge, the squawking of birds) etc.

Again - well done - this is a lovely picture. And as other comment-ers have said, God is greater than doctors ... and I hope you have many many years of blessed walks by the river there. Praise God for the splint.
Thank you for sharing just a small bit of your life. We, as Christains, all need a "river" of our own to sharpen our sense of who God really is.Keep writing and God Bless, Kaye
This is just beautiful. Your descriptions are so vivid and your details make this scene so real! I was definitely right there with you!!
Thanks for sharing this glimpse of yourself with us. You write well - the piece flowed smoothly from beginning to end and you wrapped it up nicely. Superb!
A someone who has a daughter with a mobility problem, I especially appreciated your 2nd and 6th paragraphs.
As a fellow water lover, I can relate to the floodgates of emotion opening, but for me it's near the ocean. Beautifully written from the heart. Thanks for sharing a piece of you, your eloquent words and your talent. :)
Tranquility of the His river brings you peace; whereas the sound of thunderous waves of His mighty ocean bring me peace. Each of us, however, feels closer to God in our favorite spots...and this is such a beautiful picture of that feeling. Great read and so enjoyable. Thanks!
I especially liked this sentence: "Every living plant and creature around me worships the Lord with its uniqueness."

Thank you for sharing your special place with us, and sharing your heart. Beautiful article.
A beautiful piece of heartfelt writing, Chrissy! This is a delightful piece of journaling and you have no need to feel people are just being 'nice.' I particularly like the way you say ¡¥inspiration comes broad and swift¡¦ thus mimicking the movement of the river.
You have about 150 words to play with and, as others have said, bringing in the other senses will enlarge the reader¡¦s understanding of your experience. The same with when you say ¡¥Fauna and flora is in abundance¡¦ - you could describe one thing. Without going into words like perambulate, ƒº vary your use of repeated words like ¡¥experience¡¦, ¡¥thoughts¡¦ and even ¡¥walk¡¦ and ¡¥river¡¦, especially if they occur close to each other. These small things aside, you should be happy with this piece.

Ahhh...This is so tender and sweet, so full of faith and a content heart. Simply lovely Chrissy. Blessings:)
That in the midst of pain you look for the pleasures He brings is inspiring. Blessings!
Sweet, sweet writing. Thanks for sharing your gift.
Chrissy! So sorry I missed this! It's truly lovely and inspired. I'm so glad that you will be with us for a good long time. Doctors don't always know everything and God works his wonders every day of our lives. Keep taking those walks with Father. Loritkeet:-)