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You had me laughing :O) I loved this. I especially loved the line:

Im ready to return Darryl from whence he came, Lord, so if you can just find that dust you formed him from, Ill return him. Ive had it!

I also appreciated how you addressed God in each prayer. What a great way to show the reader your true feelings.

Great job and God Bless,
Lol! This was wonderful-I really enjoyed your sense of humor-it sparkled through in your writing. Catchy title too!
This was an amusing story and I can sympathize with your feelings about Darryl. The Lord can make friends of anyone, and your story showed this so well.
Thanks for a great laugh! I loved every minute of this. Your humor and writing style is refreshing. Best of blessings to you for the inspiring and creative way you delivered these few minutes of hardy laughter. You'll be moving up soon, no doubt about that!
Fantabulous! Really loved this wry sense of humor...and a great read; only one suggestion. THe FIrst paragraph was rather "ho hum"..and I almost didn't go any further...but I'm so glad I did as it was a delight. Perhaps a bit more spice in that opening that your reader doesn't click on by and miss the Good Part. Great piece!