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Awesome message and your title drew me in! I love how you compare a part in a choir to our part in the body of Christ.

Besides some puncutation problems, I believe this would make a great publishable article.

Thanks for sharing and God Bless,Kaye
Cute title.. awesome story
This was very fun to read. I enjoyed the title!
Beautiful story with an excellent point. Thanks for sharing!
We never know how God is going to use us. This is very good. Keep writing and sharing.
As a fellow second alto, I can identify with wondering how in the world our part could fit in with the whole! I like how you brought it all together to remind us of our unique roles in the body of Christ.
This was very good. Thank you for reminding me that God created each of us to sing our own unique song.
One of the best titles of all time, and a very well written lesson. Good job!
The TITLE got me. The MESSAGE is one for the ages. Be proud of the fact that you are a "Beginner" because I see you as a "Rising Star". You have an insight that most people never attain, no matter how educated they are.

Great story, great message. I really enjoyed this.
Excellent perspective, not only on choir participation, but on life as a member of Christ's Body! Watch punctuation, particularly semicolons. I enjoyed the very smooth transition from personal ability to God's perspective.
Amazing, AMAZING message well told. You will not be in beginners for long, I imagine!! You have a wonderful talent for this - and a great title too!
I can totally relate to singing the low parts, but not by choice. (I hate it at church when the song leaders sing soprano and think we can all follow along. lol) Great way to point out our different places in God's plan. :)
Congrats on your win Donna :O) You deserve it!! God Bless you, Kaye
Donna, Your title was a classic; I loved it. As I read your article, I could definately relate to your experience of having a low singing voice. I am gifted with a low voice, too. You hit the nail on the head by bring out the point so clearly, that we all have a part in the Kingdom of God. Keep up the great work. Congratulations! Carol Gray
Thanks for reading my piece (The Outlandish Proposition)and for your generous comments.

I decided, then, to read one of yours.

I appreciate where you ended this article. The concept of God seeing us and being pleased at the overall sound coming to Him is refreshing and I believe it is also true.

Your analogy also fit your point exactly. Yes, very nice.
Wow, altos around the world can relate to your experience and how we all felt at the time.
Little did we know that even as we sang God one day could use it for a greater purpose through you!
Hopefully you have made it clearer to us all that we should not feel less than others or jealous of someone elses 'voice' since He has orchestrated us all into His Masterpiece!
Thank You & Congratulations!
I really liked this story. I know that you must have experience--only someone who has been there can understand the reason that we become second altos! I wanted to thank you for reading my story, as well. It made me want to look at yours, and I'm glad I found this gem. I started life as a 2nd alto, and I now am a 1st soprano (talk about your fish out of water...)