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This is a beautiful affirmation for anyone who continues to feel battered by rejection.

"The adult in me smiles and hides the ache. Being big means hiding the little girl and her tears from other people." This statement is so sad, and yet is so true for many Christians.

Your concluding paragraphs in which you describe that 'Secret Place' of peace are reassuring and comforting and these sentences ("If others reject me; I am accepted in Him. If others judge me, I am accepted by Him. If Im imperfect, He accepts me. With my mind I will learn, with my heart I will trust, with my mouth I will smile.") totally blow me away! Good job!
You've got dialogue from two different speakers in the same paragraph--split it up into two different paragraphs.

Maybe you could mention the secret place again at the end, or even sharing it with others who carry pain...

Anyway, good internal dialogue and nicely written.
Some of the lines you wrote were awesome!! No doubt you are a writer. Keep working on the mechanics though and learning. You can never stop learning and working to be better. I look forward to reading more from you. God bless.
There are gems here that need to be mined. Truths too precious to keep hidden. I see a heart for Him and as a result of that heart there is in it a heart for the down cast. I get the sense from your writing of the gift, the compassion, but its all so veiled. You do write a lot and I would suggest you pick one article, just one, and literally force yourself to re-write it beginning to end and determine beforehand that you will not use the same words again, except when absolutely necessary. Writing is a work-out and not for the faint of heart. I see that for you, writing is not a hobby, but a calling. I, for one, am convinced that you are to be about your Fathers business and that is writing.