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Some pieces of work contain nuggets of gold inside them... I found the paragraphs describing the cross, wonderful.. the connection between heaven and earth and the directions of endless love. I'll see those words now when I look a the cross. Thank you for sharing.
Great imagery. Loved the pun on "the destiny 'carved' for me" as well as the irony of the carpenter tortured with wood and naiils. Nicely done from a unique point of view!
Creative! Love this unique view from the cross.
Nice work! :) This would be a wonderful tract -- a beautiful explanation of the cross! There are some punctuation glitches here and there. With that fine-tuned, you have a nice piece! Good for you! :)
I love the way that you write from the perspective of the cross. Very creative!
I love the unique way you approached this topic. My favorite lines are

My beams are fashioned in four directions: north, south, east and west. Thats how far His love and grace reach. Thats how far His mercy extends. There is a limit to the length of my beams, but there is no limit to His love.

Ah, there are no limits to His love. Blessings
Thought provoking
I found this an inspired piece. Enjoyed the juxtapositioning of different images and words. Even the title drew me in - normally "cross purposes" indicates things are working against each other but as you showed, in God's plan it all worked together for a purpose. I never ever thought about Jesus using nails as a carpenter & what it might have meant to him - a revelation! Thanks for this piece. It has given me new perspectives.
Donna, Donna, what an article. We can never read about the cross that Jesus hung on for us, too much. It was very thought provoking and encouraging. Very creative. Keep up the good work. Carol Gray
Wonderful. Jesus was a Carpenter; do you think He might have made His own cross? God bless and keep writing.
Very inspiring piece. Glad I read it.