The Official Writing Challenge
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I am not happy with my entry. I wrote to the writing challenge instead of writing what was in my heart to write. I am not going to submit work to the challenge anymore, unless I believe that it came from a natural creative impulse. It could happen serendipitously (whew!) that the creative impulse and the challenge word bump into each other the same week, but this poem did not meet my personal criteria and I do not think it is a worthy piece, especially given the beauty of the subject.
I find it interesting that you made that comment about your work, because when I read this I was so moved by what you wrote.

I have to disagree that you can't write to the topic and be inspired at the same time, and writing to a topic is a great way to hone your skills, especially if you're looking to publish.
What bothered me about my piece, is that I was not inspired to write about the Cross of Christ, so I had to work at it in a way that I didn't feel led to do. I won't do that again. I think the word challenge is an excellent motivation to write, but some advice was given to me early on here by an experienced writer at Faithwriters about not "forcing" my writing and I have to agree with her. Were I to write this again, I would focus on the theme of the Creed and hitchhike on that message quite a bit more. The first half of my work, I think, is awkward and forced and deliberately written to the topic. The good thing to come out of writing this, is that the topic of the Communion of Saints, one that I had wanted to explore, now has a window.
I have rewritten this piece and posted in general submissions. It is called The Creed and The Cross.