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This was well written and packed full of truth!

Well done!
This is wonderful, I love the idea of the "front porch of peace."
This is quite clever and packed with wisdom and truth. Thanks!
Your top ten rules are original and wise. I especially liked Rule Ten for the truth it contained!
I think you've got it all covered! LOVED your tenth rule - must admit I never thought of Christ as the building inspector - but that is SUCH a good, accurate image! I just may have to "borrow" that one for a future story!!!
Smashing piece - I hope this does well, because it deserves to.
Very cute. I liked the unique form of the "recipe."
Very nice. Indeed, words to live by. Well done.
Very creative! I love your recipe!
A wonderful read on the surface yet filled with a depth of truth. Delightful.
A lovely piece - a home built with the help of the great Architect! :)
Very creative piece: Instructions on how to build a Christian home for your family.

I'm going to have to read this aloud to my family. thanks for sharing.
Very cool -this would be awesome as one of those framed gift plaques :)
This is one of the better "short" pieces I have read. Very powerful, compact and creative. Be encouraged also as you read the above comments from very established, talented and anointed writers who felt led to encourage your efforts. They wouldn't say it if they didn't mean it. God bless.