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Stop the Press! We have the Testimony Contest Winners!

Congratulations to all of you whose Testimony Contest submissions were selected by our judges. This is going to be a very powerful book that will cause readers to cry, smile and have hope. It points to Christ as the only answer for the lost and broken-hearted.

Winners have been contacted. If your name is on the list below, and you did not receive an email, you may want to check your spam folder, just in case. If it's not there, please send us a message by going here, and asking us to resend. The email has very important instructions concerning your next step and our deadline.

These are listed in no special order. Since things change and the writers need to re-agree to publication and editing, some of the names on this list could change.

1. Paul Holway
2. Jim Oates
3. Luella Campbell
4. Chris Goglin
5. Andrea K. Van Ye
6. Sandra Fischer
7. Frankie Kemp
8. JoAnne E Billison
9. Leola Ogle
10. Rad Khan
11. Dave Walker
12. Allison Joy Egley
13. Matthew Guddat
14. Dannie Hawley
15. Kathleen A. Trissel
16. Rick King
17. Shann Hall-LochmannVanBennekom
18. Sally Stap
19. Ennis Smith
20. Pauline Brakebill
21. Donna Carrico
22. Amber Leggette-Aldrich
23. Sheila L. Mills
24. Lynn Gipson
25. Ken Ebright
26. Amy Michelle Wiley
27. K. D. Manes
28. Allison Reed
29. Phyllis Stokes
30. Dorci Harris
31. Laura Hawbaker
32. Phee Paradise
33. Lorraine Quirke
34. Sue Tornai
35. Leigh-Ann Reid
36. Joanne Sher
37. Mimi Marie
38. Lori Dixon
39. Barbara Caldwell
40. Maybe You

Again, congrats to the winners!

We also want to thank everyone for entering. If your entry was not selected, please know that it was not because your testimony was not good enough. If we had different judges, the outcome might have been totally different. We believe God is in control and His choices have been made for this particular book.

Good News for those not selected

Because there were so many powerful testimonies, coming up with the winners, was difficult! A plan is in place to make a page on the website that will include potentially all of the testimonies submitted. The number that end up on the website will be determined by the number of members who choose to upload their testimony to the new page we will create. We hope all of those who entered will eventually submit their testimony to the site once the new page is established. You never know who will be touched by your story!

FaithWriters owes its success to writers like you for the years of wonderful contributions that make up the site. We feel that we owe an extra thanks to our members who support us financially so we can continue the site and spread the gospel. This contest is open to all Gold and Platinum members.

Our desire is to help you grow as a writer. To help you spread your wings and soar. The Page Turner Contest and other contests offered on the FaithWriters site provide opportunities to do just that. Each year The Page Turner Contest alternates between fiction and non-fiction, and this year the focus is on fiction entries. If you are interested in a fiction contest, you may want to check out the Page Turner. If you are a non-fiction writer, read on.

This brand new contest is another one of the many exciting opportunities we hope to bring to you as a member. It portrays exactly what FaithWriters is all about: Growing Christian Writers and Spreading the Gospel.

Winning entries will be included in a book, projected to be published sometime in late 2013. Those accepted will benefit from an ongoing portion of the royalties.

Based on the response to the initial book. Further books may be published. Entries that do not make it this time may be considered for future books.

Our Sponsor

We are delighted to bring you some information on our sponsor for the Testimony Contest. J.J. Hebert is a best selling Christian fiction author. His debut novel "Unconventional" has been the number one best seller in Amazons inspirational category, many times.

We believe J.J. Hebert brings several very unique things to the table for the members of FaithWriters. For one thing he is a guy and the guys are greatly outnumbered at FaithWriters. Plus he is young, still hungry and successful, but not too successful to be unapproachable. Inside the storyline of his best selling novel you might just find a part of your own journey as a writer.

In J.J.'s personal story you will find what it takes to self publish a bestseller. He has done it personally and knows what it takes. He is also the owner of MindStir Media a successful self publishing company. His company will be publishing our first book of member testimonies and he has put together a very special package just for us. J.J. will be hands on in our project as we seek to produce our own best seller that will directly benefit our members and impact the world for Christ. Read more about J.J. Hebert in FAITHWRITERS BLOG.

Self publishing is definitely the wave of the future. There have been many best selling self published books. Ever hear of The Shack? We have had several members ask us for direction in this area. Although we have had other companies approach us, we believe MindStir can do a great job for you. To be sure though, we are putting them to the test with this book. We hope to produce a series of books. We want your testimony.

Our target audience

Unbelievers who may be struggling and seeking answers. Believers who are struggling and doubting their faith. People who may be tempted to walk away from the faith due to circumstances. To seek the lost and encourage the found. To inspire and give hope to every reader.

What we are looking for in entries

Truth is one of the most important factors. The stories we are seeking must be real, about you or somone you know well, and written from experience and your heart. The book will be divided into three sections. The first section, “Coming to Faith,? will contain initial faith testimonies from members, relaying their personal stories of how they came to faith in Christ. In the second section, “Faith Under Fire,? we are looking for testimonials from members who have faced or are facing extraordinary odds, yet maintain their faith in Christ. The third section "You Inspired Me" will contain inspiring testimonies written by you for somone close who is not a writer. You must select one of the three categories for your submission and list it on the submission.

We want true stories that open the heart and speak to the spirit. Your desire should be to touch the soul of the reader and help them discover their need for a relationship with Christ, while at the same time encouraging the believer who doubts because of their circumstances. The stories should be personal, filled with emotion and drama. Create vivid images by using the five senses. The more transparent and honest you can be, while keeping in mind that this is a book for everyone, the better. Honest, heart wrenching disclosure is heard by the spirit of the reader. It changes the atmosphere in a relationship. We want the reader to be able to relate on a deeper level. Do not let the fear of man (what will they think of me) cover up the truth. Tell the truth so all will know for a fact that salvation is not about our works. Show them exactly why we need a savior. Tell them is all about Jesus.

Stories must be written in the first person or interview format and have a beginning, middle, and ending. Your message is to convey why you/they initially chose Jesus, or why you/they still trust in Jesus despite your/their circumstances. Make us all feel more hopeful, more connected, more thankful, or more passionate to have Jesus in our life, while encouraging new seekers to step out in faith. Let us see the peace that passes all understanding. The peace that only Christ can offer in the middle of the storm.


1. Tell us your testimony or that of a close friend or family member, whether it is exciting, dramatic, sad, or a funny. Tell us the circumstances and why you/they still hold fast, in spite of possibly overwhelming trials.

2. Tell the story in a way that will make the reader cry, laugh or get goose bumps. Don’t leave anything out — how did you/they feel? Show the story…don’t just tell it.

3. The story should start with action designed to quickly capture the reader. It could start with a problem, issue or situation. Make sure that you introduce the character(s). Include dialogue, and express your feelings and emotion through your trials. It should end in victory from your standpoint. Even if things are not yet perfect in your circumstances, things are okay with your/their soul. Where would you/they go if not to Christ? This is all about the emotions and feelings experienced. Relate to all five senses if possible.

4. Above all, let it come from the HEART! Your/their story is important!

5. Selected authors will be required to participate in a blogging campaign to help promote the book once it is published.

What we do not want

1. A sermon, an essay.

2. A dry non-engaging story.

Our Strong Suggestion

Keep God first as you write and consider these verses - Matthew 6:33 and 1 Peter 5:6.

Story Specifications

1. Stories and poems must be non-fiction and should be no longer than 1,200 words. The finished book size will be roughly 5.5 X 8.5

2. Submissions must be about you personally. Your testimony on coming to Christ or keeping the faith despite circumstances should be written in first person. You can also submit a testimony written by you about someone close, who inspired you. If you choose to write the testimony of somone close. You may do so in an interview format or from your outside view telling how you were inspired. Please tell us which category you envision the article will fit best. You must include a title and your member number on your entry.

3. Entries should be essentially pre-edited by you to be easily readable and properly formatted. At this stage, it is not necessary to have a final edit done. If your story is selected, you will be required to have a final edit done. FaithWriters will make available editing from fellow members at a very reasonable cost.

4. Be sure to keep a copy of the stories and/or poems that you submit to us.

5. Please submit only stories or poems that have not been previously published in a publication with a large circulation. Items previously posted on FaithWriters, your personal blog, or smaller venues are acceptable. However, you must still hold full rights to your story in regards to publication. Articles where you have signed over your rights cannot be submitted. In that case, you would need to rewrite the article from a different perspective.

6. If the story or poem you wrote is selected to be published by us, you will be paid a percentage of any royalties received from the sale of the book. This percentage is projected to be based on 80% of the net proceeds FaithWriters receives, divided by the number of articles accepted in this first book. FaithWriters will receive all royalties and pay out each writer their percentage semi annually or annually as we determine necessary. FaithWriters retains the right to adjust this formula for calculating royalties if they deem necessary. It is estimated that there will be articles from 25 - 30 FaithWriters members published in the first book. This number can change depending on the average length of submissions, if sponsors deem necessary.

7. MindStir Media will be publishing this book upon completion of the contest and selection of the winners.

8. NUMBER OF ENTERIES PER MEMBER – Gold members can submit one entry. Platinum members can submit two for one section or two for different sections. However, only one article per member, per book is allowed. Two submissions simply doubles your chances of being selected. You must be a Gold or Platinum member at time of submission to submit an entry. If you are not, you can join or upgrade for as little as $5.95 per month.

9. Deadline: July 20th, 2013 at 11 AM. Please list at the top of your entry which section you are submitting to for consideration. “Coming to Faith? or “Faith Under Fire?. These headings may change upon publication.

10. TERMS OF SUBMISSION: I represent that this is a true testimony and I am the author of the material I am submitting. It is under my full control for submission to this contest. If the submission is about another party. I have full permission directly from them to submit it for publishing.

I understand that I am giving FaithWriters and MindStir Media permission to publish my entry if selected. I agree that no other form of consent will be required by me to publish this work in the resulting book. I also agree that FaithWriters and MindStir Media can use my entry if needed, to promote the book in anyway they deem necessary. This may be on either website or in any form of advertising and promotion.

A Few of the Books Authored by FaithWriters Members.

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