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This Week's Topic: MOURNING / MORNING
Entries to Date This Week: 16
Entries close at 10:59 AM Thursday, New York time.

NOTICE 1-25-23: This quarter’s topics will be about Word Play, specifically Homophones. Each topic for this quarter will be a pair of homophones, words that sound the same but have different meanings. I understand some are reluctant to use the words in their entry (which is not against the rules), but part of this quarter's Challenge is thinking about the sounds and playing with the words. Be creative, you can still show and not tell and use the words. We have to use words as writers. Do your best to use BOTH words in each entry and have at least one of the words central to the topic of your entry, but be sure to be clear about which word you are focusing on (or both!). This should be really challenging and hopefully a lot of fun! Please see the forum or our Facebook page for more information and discussion about the topics.

We will be testing this change and depending on the response, we may revert back to the single topic during the quarter. So, please pay attention to these messages. Fiction and non-fiction entries are both encouraged.

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