Free Reprint Articles

This is the FREE REPRINT ARTICLES AREA. Use this to submit any articles that you want to be distributed for free to those looking for content for their ezines, newsletters, websites, and publications. This is a great tool to get worldwide writing exposure for your works. Click here to learn all of the benefits.

Why do you have different
areas to submit articles?

There are 4 areas you can post articles to on Each area is used for a different purpose.
  1. Regular Article Submission

    This area is the first port of call for members who want to start publishing their work at After submission, articles are listed on the "200 Newest Regular Articles" page, where other members and visitors to FaithWriters are easily able to select material they would like to read. After an article has been removed from this page, it is still available through key word searches, the Member Profile page, or listed under the specific category.

    When submitting articles to the Regular Article Submission area, members are able to select the category they would like their article listed under, as well as relevant key words to make their work readily available to people looking for specific content. Authors submitting to this area can also choose whether they are offering their article for sale, for free, or neither.

    The Regular Article Submission area is a popular and easy way for writers to share their messages at It also includes a very simple way for other members and readers to leave basic feedback for the author regarding their article. Although the comments in this area are rarely in-depth, most members would agree that this feedback is what makes publishing articles in the Regular Article Submission area so rewarding and encouraging.

  2. Free Reprint Section

    The Free Reprint area is an invaluable tool for both authors and publishers alike. For authors, it is a way of showcasing the best of their work in a professional environment, making it easily and freely available for publication. For publishers, the Free Reprint Section is a gold mine of excellent material that is available, ready to use, without cost.

    Unlike the Regular Article Submission area, there is a very high expectation regarding the standard of material submitted to the Free Reprint Section. A requirement of submission to this area is that all material must be carefully edited and include the article word count, author biography note, copyright information and contact details.

    Although publishers are encouraged to contact authors to let them know when they have selected one of their articles for use, the Free Reprint Section does not provide the option for members to leave feedback or critique on articles. For constructive feedback regarding the structure of their work, it is recommended that newer authors submit to the Critique Circle before submitting their work to the Free Reprint Section.

  3. The Critique Circle

    For those members who are looking for more thorough and constructive feedback regarding their articles, The Critique Circle is the ideal area for submission. It is particularly recommended that inexperienced writers submit their articles to this area before submitting them to the Free Reprint Section.

    The Critique Circle provides an avenue for members to both receive and give stronger, more constructive feedback than is possible in the Regular Article Submission section. Every member is given one credit, which allows them to submit one article to the Critique Circle for review. In order to submit more articles to this area, the member must first provide constructive feedback for other articles submitted to this area. For each critique provided, a member will receive one credit, which will enable them to submit one more article to the Critique Circle.

    Unlike the Regular Article Submission and Free Reprint sections, the Critique Circle is not intended to be a public showcase of the author's work. Instead, it is an area designed to help members polish their work in preparation for public display. As with all forms of peer feedback, members should weigh each critique carefully, and seek clarification from the reviewer, if necessary.

  4. The Writing Challenge

    Arguably one of the most popular sections at, The Writing Challenge is an excellent tool for honing a writer's skill, building discipline, and developing a member's ability to write to topic, word count, and deadline. All submissions to The Writing Challenge must be written after the topic has been announced, and remain anonymous until after the winners have been made public. The top ten entries each week are published in one of the quarterly FaithWriters' anthologies, and the 1st place winner each week is in the running for the annual Best of the Best awards. Writing Challenge entries also receive the largest amount of encouraging feedback, when compared to all other sections at

    With four levels of submission--Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, and Masters--every member has the opportunity to receive recognition at their own level of ability. Each week, entries are read and rated by a rotating team of judges, and the highest rated entries receive awards--either for rating the highest in their level, or for being one of the ten highest rated entries overall (the Editors' Choice awards).

    Once the Challenge winners have been announced, entries will appear listed in the Writing Challenge archives and on the Member Profile pages. Unlike other areas of submission, Writing Challenge entries cannot be edited or removed once submitted. However, once the winners have been announced, members may re-submit their entries to the Critique Circle, the Regular Article Submission area, or the Free Reprint section.
Be sure to read each section carefully to become familiar with all of the features available on your FaithWriters account.