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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!
We invite you to Link arms with FaithWriters
and help Keep the Dream ALIVE
"When I first 'discovered' FaithWriters almost 2 years ago, I decided to take my time, look around, and check things out. It didn't take long for me to feel the special spirit here and to be blessed by each visit. When I realized God was, and is, in this place, I wanted to give it my full support; I wanted to give a portion back of the blessings I had been received--blessings that have been 2 years in the making." (Pat Guy)
"One of the reasons I joined the 500 was because of this thought: "What if there was no more FaithWriters?" I don't even want to think of it. This site has meant so much to so many of us, and I believe God is using FaithWriters to equip writers to share the gospel and edify believers." (Laurie Glass)
"When I found FaithWriters, I was an occasional, dabbling writer. FaithWriters reignited my passion for writing and has opened many doors for publication. The benefits and blessings far outweigh the cost--I consider it a privilege to partner with this extraordinary ministry that's helping writers, like myself, to discover and hone their God-given writing talent." (Lynda Schab)
"I can say with a lot of confidence that I never would have rekindled my love of writing--this time for the Lord--had it not been for FaithWriters. From my initial Challenge entry, I have gone on to write more than 100 articles. Many have appeared in print, on other websites, even in church bulletins in other countries. Joining FW 500 was one way I could help keep this site going, so it could continue to bless and inspire others to spread God's message." (Al Boyce)

Here at FaithWriters.com, we have always had our members' needs in mind. That's why we keep adding new and exciting ways for every member to be able to promote their work, find avenues for publication, develop their skills, and be encouraged and inspired--all at the same time. The vision for FaithWriters is an exciting one, and it's growing all the time.

However, the reality is that we cannot continue providing even the present level of service without the ongoing financial support of our faithful members. The basic costs of maintaining the FaithWriters' site continue to grow, and that's why we need partners.

That's why we need you!

The FaithWriters 500 are the heartbeat of FaithWriters.com. By partnering with us through the FaithWriters 500, you will not only help keep FaithWriters.com alive, but you will also help it grow into the vision we believe God has for it--a vision that will ensure FaithWriters will always be able to continue encouraging, equipping, inspiring and enabling its members, as they answer their call to be writers for the King.

For as little as 33 cents a day, you can help to keep the dream alive--not just for FaithWriters, and not just for yourself, but for every FaithWriters member, now and in the years to come.

We value and honor every member of the FaithWriters 500, and give thanks to God for their faithful commitment. Without their support, FaithWriters simply could not exist.

If you have been blessed, encouraged, inspired or equipped during your time at FaithWriters, we invite you to link arms with us today.

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  • Get a subscription to the Private Messenger and the EZ Site Portfolio builder totally FREE! This is a SAVINGS of 42%! Normally, these are separate features but now you can get all of our upgrade services just by becoming a FaithWriters 500 member.

  • A 5% discount on publishing services from a major Christian publisher.

  • The opportunity to participate in the annual Page Turner contest - a huge contest open only to 500 members. http://www.faithwriters.com/page-turner.php
  • A star next to all your FaithWriters Free Reprint articles. The new Free Reprint section is very popular with editors looking for material for their publications. A star next to your name definitely increases the possibility of your work catching the attention of editors and publishers. This is PREMIUM exposure for your work.

  • A gold FW 500 icon next to your name and articles that will shine brightly in the article listings. Readers' eyes are drawn first to articles that wear the FW 500 symbol.

  • An enormous 17% discount for all editing and manuscript assessment services, with even more special 500 Member discounts provided throughout the year.

  • The opportunity to sell your own e-books with free listings in our new eBook Store. You KEEP ALL OF THE PROFITS! No listing fee, no administrative costs--every cent you make belongs to you.

  • The possibility of having one of your articles appear in "The FaithWriters' Showcase," providing week-long exposure on the FaithWriters.com home page.

  • FREE advertising for your book, product, service, or website in the FaithWriters Writers' Marketplace.

  • Access to outstanding articles on writing--available only to FaithWriters 500 members. This is a valuable resource for every writer.

  • Access the Critique Circle exclusive to 500 members where you can gain feedback on your writing.

  • Generous discounts on services and writing publications such as Writer's Digest.
  • Plus, as an extra special bonus, you can now also receive a FREE FaithWriters.net email account--the ideal professional email address for the writer who wants to be taken seriously.

The value of these "thank you" services, rewards and opportunities is way beyond that of the small cost of your 500 Membership. The money that you'll save on editing alone will more than pay for your annual membership--not to mention the savings on publishing, promoting and selling your book. You will be blessed as you are a blessing.

We hope you will become a FaithWriters 500 member today, and help us to continue serving the Lord, as we serve His servants.


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