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Read the instructions below first. Then click on the newest contest link at the bottom for specific contest rules.

According to the Bible we should be supporting and donating to projects that help in the natural and bring the gospel. There are many secular organizations that do great things but they do not bring Christ. They end up being like the atheist who does good deeds, which are great. However they do not ascribe their desire to do good deeds to their God given conscience. They refuse to acknowledge that their very act of charity stems from the very existence of God. Let us give God the Glory in who we support.



Note: If you are not logged in as a member some links will not open properly.

What is a blogging contest?

A blogging contest is a contest where articles are written and posted in a place where people can find them. If you are not familiar with blogging, don't let the term scare you. Further information about posting articles is below.

Here is how it works

We promote our program to Biblically based websites and ministries who have a need for Christian content. We offer to review and promote their website for free through your articles posted in blogs and other places. These articles include a URL (website address) link to the site being reviewed and naturally built contextual backlinks. Backlinks are simply links to one website from another site, blog, article, etc. The more backlinks a site has the easier it is for the search engines to find them. Manually constructed backlinks from different sources containing varied content are much more valuable for a site than backlinks built through automation.

These contests provide the sponsoring ministry with more then 100 posted articles promoting their ministry. With two to three links in each article, this translates into hundreds of manually built contextual links pointing towards their website.

We offer this free service to approved sites. In exchange they agree to hire the winners of the contest for paid writing assignments they need for their site and ministry.

Watch a 59 second video HERE from an SEO (Search Engine Optimized) company telling us about the value of manually created contextual links.

Your job as a writer

1. Review the site we are promoting and any information about the ministry we send your way.

2. Write a short article, review or story describing the ministry. We are looking for eye-catching titles with content that holds the reader's interest. Review the winners in this contest to get an idea of what we are looking for in entries.

3. Use three to five keywords/keyword phrases from the list provided for that specific contest and build your article around them.

4. With each contest we will provide you with the keywords that the ministry wants to see promoted. Using contextual links, you will link these keywords to the website we are promoting. Your article should be designed to get the reader to click on one or more of the links to learn more about the ministry and support it. If you were promoting FaithWriters for example, Christian writers might very well be a keyword phrase. So you might write a sentence like this: FaithWriters is the home of Christian writers. The linked keywords in this case are Christian writers. They fit into the sentence contextually. If you click on the blue link it will take you to FaithWriters main page. This is a contextual link and search engines love them.

5. Post your article in two or more places (specifics below).

6. Plus post your article in the forum for that specific contest.

7. For your forum post, you must include the following information at the bottom of your article:

    a. The other two URL’s where you posted your article

    b. Your name

    c. Member number - Find Member number 1 MINUTE VIDEO

    d. What type of membership you hold (Silver, Gold or Platinum)

Here is an example:
Lori Othouse
Member # 8826
http://infyouz.wordpress.com/2012/09/16 ... -more-day/
http://www.facebook.com/notes/lori-lull ... 0475131273
http://www.faithwriters.com/article-det ... ?id=152020

Post your article in these three places (forum included) or more if desired

1. FaithWriters regular articles HERE. Here is a 5 MINUTE VIDEO we used in the God Speaks contest. It explains exactly how to create links in our regular articles and in Google Blogger for any contest. Google Blogger is a location for your third post if you do not currently have your own blog or website.

Here is another way to easily create linked keywords in a Word document and then simply copy and paste the article into the rich text editor in our regular articles. Create Links in Word

2. Last you will post the article in the FaithWriters forum for that specific contest HERE.

Important Note: We have had several people struggle with linking their article in the forum where the articles are judged, so we are relaxing the requirement that the links must work in your forum post. If you cannot link it in the forum, do not worry about it. It will not affect the judging. If you can link in the forum continue to do so, it is preferred. Here is a 5 MINUTE VIDEO on exactly how to create links in an article on our forums.

Judging -The website/ministry that sponsors each specific contest will judge the entries

While FaithWriters may narrow down the entries, the sponsoring ministry will choose the winner of the paid writing assignments. Clients will want the articles properly written (spelling, grammar, etc.), however, they will place a lot of weight on how your article presents their ministry. A very important point to consider is - Would someone click on the link to go to their site after reading your article? Content is very important. Be creative and unique. Create interest.

All members are welcome to enter

You must be a member of FaithWriters to enter our contests. You can sign up as a free member or upgrade HERE. You will also need to register separately in our forums HERE.

Any member can enter these contests but the ability to win the paid writing assignments is restricted to Gold or Platinum members . Silver members will be judged separately. If a Silver member is determined to be the overall best submission they will receive a one-year paid Gold membership. The paid writing assignment that they would have won (if they were an upgraded member) will be given to the highest ranking upgraded member. Any Silver member who does win will be able to compete for paid writing assignments in future contests under their newly upgraded membership.

There will occasionally be contests where the prize will not include writing assignments. In that case specific prizes (usually memberships or cash) will be offered to winners. Please pay close attention to the rules on this page and also the specif rules in a contests forum.

Benefits to FaithWriters members

1. Promote Biblically based websites, books and ministries which promote Jesus and the saving of lives for all eternity.

2. Hone your writing skills in a competition. Write to topic, word count and deadline.

3. Showcase your writing. First Place Winner will be posted on 100 Christian Blogs.

4. Chance to win a paid writing assignment and earn more work from the sponsoring ministry. Usually $150 in assignments for the winner paid at .10 per word, one writing assignment for $75 for second place, $25 for third.

5. Build Treasure in Heaven. Matt 6:19

6. Read what one of our previous contest winners has to say in her paid writing assignment, God Can Use Little Ol' You

7. The Winning Entry of Our Blog Contest is Now Posted on 100 Christian Blogs
Courtesy of Christian Book Marketing

Real world writing experience

The weekly Writing Challenge and other areas of the site prepare you to write for outside publications. This contest puts your writing in front of ministries and real live decision makers who need writers.

Not interested in the prize?

Please still write an article for Christ. If you win you can pass it on to the next in line.

Suggest a site or a ministry

Feel free to suggest any site or ministry you think might be interested in this program to writer support.

Have a question about a current contest?

Go HERE and ask it. Or look there for the answer in the older questions.

Want a better idea of what we are looking for in articles?

Take a look at any of the older contests in the blogging contest forums. The first three articles in each are the winners.

Like to enter a contest?

Below is a list of our contests with the most current contest being on the top. To see if the top one is still active just click on it and look for the deadline. Specific instructions and keywords are given with each contest.

Rules can be altered or modified at the discretion of the owners of FaithWriters.

Current Contest and Specific Guidelines

No Current Contest

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