Table of Contents

Chapter 1: START

A Button Named Start by Brad Paulson
Craft Store Crisis by Janet Rubin
Bethany by Thomas Kappel
A New Day's Commencement by Rachel Rudd
Set Apart by Maxx .
Lookin' For Emmett Hayes by Shannon Redmon
Getting In by Shannah Hogue
Confucius Could Never Have Imagined This! by Suzanne Rowe

Chapter 2: CONTROL

Feline Instruction Manual--Chapter 6 by Jan Ackerson
When Jesus is Driving, You Don't Need an IB by Sue Goodreau
A Fine Example by Anita Neuman
Inside the Temple by Jennifer Waddell
Rocks and Boulders by Betsy Tacchella
Oh! The Church is Having Another Potluck Dinner by Paul Chappel
Modern Day Tomb Dweller by Janet Rubin
Walking the Tightrope by Joanne Malley

Chapter 3: LOCK

The Heart of Lucinda Druell by Kenn Allan
Through the Opened Door by Ann Grover
The Staff Meeting From Hell by Jessica Schmit
Pick a Lock by Gwynn Turner
A Shadow--Casting Trust by Benjamin Stephens
Lock and Key by Brenda Kern
Midnight Calling by Marie Hearty
Safe and Locked Away by James Clem

Chapter 4: HELP

The Loudest Silence by Stephanie Bullard
Help Desk by Al Boyce
Two Wings and a Prayer by Ann Grover
Out of My Hands by Linda Germain
Cashmere, Umbrellas, and Gooseberries by Jan Ackerson
The Night We Almost Died by Sally Hanan
Deliver Us From Kittens by Kenn Allan
Teaching the Heart by James Clem

Chapter 5: BREAK

Dovis McClement Breaks the Rule by Kris St. James
The Land of Broken Dreams by Kenn Allan
New Ground by Lissa M. Lee
Shattered by Jan Ackerson
Legalized Law-Breaking by Al Boyce
Broken Shells by Deanna Wessel
When the Will Breaks by Ann Grover
Broken, but Not Shattered by Lynda Schab

Chapter 6: ESCAPE

Slip of the Mind by Ann Grover
The Great "S" Cape by Lisa McMillion
Four Under Fire by Kris St. James
Taken by Joy by Theresa Veach
Homeless by Steve Clark
The Voice by Dara Lowe
The Hiding Place by Karen Elengikal
Winds of Change by Sharon Singley

Chapter 7: SPACE

Where God Is by Anita Neuman
Sticky Note by Jan Ackerson
Space for a Little Girl by Suzanne Rowe
Personal Space by Melanie Kerr
Can You Hear Me Now? by Kenn Allan
Nadia's Visit to My Castle by Janet Rubin
No Room by Julianne Jones
Muttnik by Teri Wilson

Chapter 8: ENTER

Engraved in Copper by Bryon Wiebold
Making Entrance by David Ian
Breaking and Entering by Shari Armstrong
The Night the Angels Sang by J. Stephen Conn
Trapped by Jessica Schmit
Amy's Choice by Steve Clark
A Simple Invite by Allen Clupny
Weapons of Wickedness by Kathleen Ussery

Chapter 9: HOME

Go Home by Sue Goodreau
The Prowler by Lynda Schab
A Soldier' Homecoming by Larry Elliott
Home Away from Home by Al Boyce
Jennika by Maxx .
Home by Chris Clement
In Search of Picket Fences by Lisa McMillion
One Awesome Christian Home by Venice Kichura

Chapter 10: END

Swing Low by Jan Ackerson
Right to the Very End by Melanie Kerr
The End of All Things by Lisa Smith
End of Her Rope by Larry Elliott
Amen is Not the End by David Grant
A New King Arrives by Robin Wisch
The End of Her Reason by Linda Germain
World Without End by Joyce Simoneaux

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