Table of Contents

Chapter 1: BEAUTIFUL

My Day with Aunt Fanny by Benjamin Stephens
Listening To His Voice by Laurie Glass
Sassy Doesn't Live Here Anymore by Crista Darr
Beautiful Like Him by Janet Rubin
Now That's Beautiful by Kathleen Fairman
Dear Eve by DeAnna Brooks
A Word Spoken... by Lisa Hutcheson
The Beauty Within by Joyce Simoneaux

Chapter 2: WINTER

On Railroad Street by Sandra Petersen
Grandmother's Winter by Mary Lang
Snowments in Time by Lynda Schab
Old Man Winter's Sticky Fingers by Sue Goodreau
Winter's End by Ann Grover
Winter of the Soul by Kenn Allan
Blizzard of the Heart by Debbie Sickler
The Winters of My Contentment by Linda Germain

Chapter 3: RAIN

Pride Goeth Before a Fall by Kenn Allan
Lo Ikwithltchunona, The Cloud-Swallower by Amy Michelle Wiley
Ronald the Renegade Raindrop by Brad Paulson
A Storehouse of Raindrops Just Awaitin' by Benjamin Stephens
Aching Spirit by Karen Ward
God is "Raining" by Melanie Kerr
Amniotic Rains by Helga Doermer
Heaven's Tears by Debbie O'Connor

Chapter 4: FLOWERS

Belle of India by Pat Guy
Desert Song by Karen Elengikal
The Rose Among the Thorns by Dixie Phillips
The Greenhouse Effect by Al Boyce
Fertile Ground by Terri Tiffany
Too Late to Say? by Donnah Cole
Keep Safe the Garden by Alexandra Wilkin
Garden Collect by Kathryn Wickward

Chapter 5: SPRING

Spring Will Come Too Late by Amy Michelle Wiley
Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout a Sharp Dressed Hare by Kenny Blade
Celebration by Kevin Kindrick
The Littlest Seed by Melanie Kerr
Aunt Emma by Beth Muehlhausen
Springtime Battles by Karen Elengikal
Be King! Come Spring! by Linda Watson Owen
Prairie Spring by Ann Grover

Chapter 6: SINGING

Inside Voice by Larry Elliott
If Ever I Loved Thee... by Lori Othouse
Is Your Soul Sick? by Lauren Bombardier
Jill's Song by Anita Neuman
The Three Kinds of Singers by DaNine Ward
An Honest Song by Michael Ales
The Singing Sheep of Hillside Pastures by Chris Miller
Sacred Concert by Dan Mann

Chapter 7: TREES

A Deciduous Dilemma by Kenn Allan
The Legend of the Weeping Sycamore by Deborah Bauers
A Divine Fate by Brenda Kern
The Loss of Innocence by Christl Boyd
Squirrel Ride by Birdie Courtright
Last Stand Among the Olive Trees by Crista Darr
Little Isaac and Tu B'Shvat by Ann Grover
The Old Oak Tree by Chris Miller

Chapter 8: FRUIT

The Wine by Linda Watson Owen
Bitter Fruit by Garnet Miller
Construction Zone by Kenn Allan
The Peach by Alexandra Wilkin
I am but a Mirror by Melanie Kerr
Fruit Fit for a King by Deborah Hale
Choice, Again by Lisa Smith
The Fruitcake Conspiracy by Lynda Schab

Chapter 9: VINES

Vines and Whines by James Clem
Davey's Wallpaper by Anita Neuman
Distraction's Price by Jeffrey Snell
The Final Plea by Tim Chezum
Bittersweet by Cassie Memmer
Life Vines by Linda Watson Owen
A Fat Lot of Use by Sally Hanan
Will You Obey? by Karen Ward

Chapter 10: FRAGRANCE

And God Breathes... by Ann Grover
The Encounter by Lisa Graham
A Welcomed Guest by Christl Boyd
Backstage: Heaven by Kenn Allan
Promise with a Letter by Tisha Martin
Chamber Of Incense by Karen Elengikal
The Scent of Rain by Julianne Jones
The Aroma of Life by J.C. Moran

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