Table of Contents

Chapter 1: BON VOYAGE

A Journey's Blessing by Linda Watson Owen
Of Gruel and Gumption by Ann Grover
May 30th, 1845 by Lisa Smith
The Hunt by Maxx .
Pocket Trash by Lynda Schab
Get Me Outta Here by Darlene Hight
Solid Paths in Deep Water by Lois Jennison Tribble
Mysterious Ways by Anita Neuman

Chapter 2: CAR TRIP

Highway to Heaven by Al Boyce
El Cristo by Maxx .
Black-eyed Susans by Karen Deikun
Five Points Taxi by Lisa Smith
Wanderlust in a Microbus by Crista Darr
The Quiet Road by Jessica Boling
Why God Never Closes His Eyes by Lisa McMillion
Escape for a Morning by Janet Rubin

Chapter 3: THE BEACH

A Child's Shoe by Amy Michelle Wiley
Reunion at the Beach by Venice Kichura
Turneffe Island by Maxx .
Providence on the Red Sands by Crista Darr
The Haunted Shore of Gerasenes by J. C. Moran
Grandma's Beach by Cyndie Odya-Weis
Inside Out by Deborah Bauers
In Search of Perfection by Val Clark

Chapter 4: CAMPING

Camping Relationship Building 101 by Lissa M. Lee
Why Do We Do This? by Hope Horner
A Bittersweet Adventure by Carol Sanford
Hiking in the Spirit by Al Boyce
Job's Friends by Karen Jimmy
The Promise Place by Karen Deikun
A Life Sentence Condemned to Camp by Suzanne Rowe
Blogspot 90210 by Sally Hanan

Chapter 5: RETREAT

Restroom by Janet Rubin
A Quiet, Peaceful, Place by Kelly Mize
Under the Red Apron by Suzanne Rowe
In the Shadow of His Wings by Crista Darr
Yahweh-Adonai by Maxx .
Escape by Jessica Boling
No Retreat! by Lois Jennison Tribble
Persian Retreat Center & Cat Spa by Benjamin Stephens

Chapter 6: LUGGAGE

The Still, Small Voice by Deborah Porter
Wally, the Big, Bad Wolf by Bill Shurkey
Going Through Customs on the Way to Healing by Janet Rubin
The Suitcase by Tammy Johnson
Roadblock by Craig Frizzell
Not Worth the Salt by J. C. Moran
Carcharodon carcharias by Lisa McMillion
Luggage Larry by Shelley Snyder

Chapter 7: PASSPORT

Mr. Smiley by Jan Warrick
What Mick Didn't Know by Cheri Hardaway
Escaping Doomsday by Crista Darr
Tiffanie's Treasure by Jan Ackerson
Stairway to Heaven by Carol Sanford
Tierra del Dios by Bill Shurkey
Permission to Exit by Michelle Minnaar
Travel Preparations Checklist by Brenda Kern


I Have a Gift by Sally Hanan
Tour Guide Lost by Linda Germain
First Fruits: A Fable by Carol Sanford
Every Woman's Guide to an Informative Vacation by Kathleen Fairman
Even Though by Jan Ackerson
From His Point of View by Brenda Kern
Through Her Eyes by Kelly Mize
To See or Not to See by DeAnna Brooks


Lucius Satanas: Hotel-Owner Extraordinaire by J. C. Moran
Burnt Out Light Bulbs by Joseph Civitella
The Room by Maxx .
Trapped in the Attic by Kyle Chezum
God's Shady Rest by Al Boyce
A Day of Our Life by Amy Michelle Wiley
Heart Mend Motel by Larry Elliott
The MartinDell Motel by Donnah Cole

Chapter 10: POSTCARDS

Emma's Fridge by Karen Ward
Where the Four Angels are Bound by J. C. Moran
Christina's Inheritance by Janet Rubin
Old Lady Kirby by Shannon Redmon
Orientation for New Cross-Cultural Workers by Suzanne Rowe
The Book of Postcards by Kelly Mize
Genoa by Lauren Bombardier
The Last Line by Amy Michelle Wiley

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