Table of Contents

Chapter 1: NEW YEAR

The New Era by Suzanne Rowe
An Old Man's Regret by Chuck Proctor
Knitting and Rocking by Karen Deikun
Tiny Bubbles by Lynda Schab
Watch Out for Sea Shells by Matthew Morgan
Absolutely Fabulous! by Sally Hanan
The Water Tower by Craig Frizzell
Goodbye Old Fellow by Judy Anderson

Chapter 2: VALENTINE

The Final Step by Melanie Kerr
February 13th, 269 A.D. by Lisa Smith
Taking Faith by the Thorns by Anthony Tophoney
The Complete Billy by Glenn A. Hascall
Digging Deep by Dori Knight
Messy Tessie's Valentine by Debbie O'Connor
Will You Be Mine? by Leslie Lamb
From the Father's Heart by Sandra Petersen

Chapter 3: EASTER

A Second Wind by Benjamin Stephens
The Resurrection Report by Anthony Tophoney
Out of Death. . . by Lois Jennison Tribble
The Eyes of God by Val Clark
Resurrection Power! by Kathy Ellis
Easter in My Heart by Nola Mickan
Easter Initiation by Madonna Hooper
Angel He Has Heard On High by Linda Germain

Chapter 4: MOTHERS

The Reason God Made Us by Dori Knight
Celebration of Life by Amy Michelle Wiley
Because That is What Mothers Do by Jan Emery
From Ashes to Ashley by Maxx .
Ever Before Me, Ever Behind by Lois Jennison Tribble
A Mother's Legacy by Dixie Phillips
Mothers We Will Always Be by Karri Compton
Tears by Jan Ackerson

Chapter 5: BIRTHDAY

If You Could See Me Now by Glenn A. Hascall
Standing Room Only by Lissa M. Lee
Today You Will Be With Me by Mishael Austin
Zachary's Real Birthday by Dixie Phillips
Year of Jubilee by Helga Doermer
A Push In the Right Direction by Pat Guy
Through Allyce's Looking Glass by Lois Jennison Tribble
The Day You Were Born by Karen Deikun

Chapter 6: FATHERS

"Going Up?" by Madonna Hooper
Yours or Mine? by Brenda Kern
Fathers in Training by Beth Muehlhausen
Buried Secrets by Anthony Tophoney
Benny by Joanne Malley
The Meeting by Lynda Schab
Learning to Ride by Autumn Waldroup
My Dad by Robert McFaddin


Freddy's Fifth by Karen Deikun
The Anniversary Letter by Dixie Phillips
Darling Stranger by Diane Toole Martin
I Can't Dance - Don't Ask Me by Linda Germain
The Best Worst Anniversary Gift Ever by Kelly Klepfer
Cloud's Rest by Maxx .
The Last Waltz by Lois Jennison Tribble
The Anniversary by David Stewart


Friend or Foe by Dixie Phillips
Not Just Coffee by Lori Othouse
Linked Hands, Linked Hearts by Nancy Hardy
The Cookie Kind by Sally Hanan
Man's Best Friend by Henry Swart
My Friend Steve by David Stewart
"Tigger" in a Business Suit by Judy Schwab
Mace and Joey by Karen Deikun


Misdirected Direction by Lori Othouse
In Everything by Amy Michelle Wiley
Planning Session by Jan Ackerson
The Demons' Wager by Craig Frizzell
The Life Verse by Suzanne Rowe
The Homecoming by Maxx .
Technicolor Slap by Kelly Klepfer
THE little THINGS by Lynda Schab

Chapter 10: CHRISTMAS

When God Came Down by Cheryl Thompson
Christmas Presence by Anthony Tophoney
Gift Rejected by Lynda Schab
O Christmas Bush by Angela Ranson
Christmas Before Thanksgiving by Dixie Phillips
A Schoolmarm's Christmas Memories by Chris Miller
He Dared to Tread by Glenn A. Hascall
Christmas Day Letters by Deric Hutson

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