Table of Contents

Chapter 1: FIRST

Original Meaning by Autumn Waldroup

Three At First by Lissa M. Lee

The Pants Down Winner by Lois Tribble

Quiet New Lips by Petra Hefner

Original Author to Lose Copyright by Donna Morton

Hope for the Middle Child by Hope Horner

A Promise Kept by Lori Othouse

Original Sin, Original Sacrifice by Devin Walker

Chapter 2: DESIRE

Goldie Locked In A Wheelchair by Lois Tribble

Dmitri's Puzzle by Jeremy McNabb

Tuesday's Specials by Phil Roberts

The Earthquake Within by Melanie Kerr

When God Says "Wait" by Donna Surgenor Reames

Dez-a-ray by Cyndy McNaul-Nelson

Grandpa's Advice by Angie Schulte

Hey, I Like My Pants by Deborah Anderson

Chapter 3: ANGER

Ashes by Anna Kittrell

Turned Upside Down by Karen Deikun

Tale of Two Fingers by Hope Horner

Why? by Lisa Smith

Road Rage by Karen Treharne

Anger's Sermon by Angie Schulte

Trash to Treasure, aka Finding Ferdinand by Lois Jennison Tribble

Into the Fire by Steven Beres

Chapter 4: OBEDIENCE

The Heart of Obedience by Lori Braswell

It is Jesus that I Choose by Nancy Hardy

Eventual Obedience by Brenda Kern

Playtime Parable by Marjorie Arrowood

The Day Fatimah Left Home by Karen Jimmy

Gino’s Gutter Gaffe (A Parable) by Glenn A. Hascall

Obedience by Greg Willis

A Choice Lesson by Nola Mickan


Clean and Cold by Karen Deikun

Endless Questions by Brenda Kern

Potlucks and Poker Parties by Verlie Ruhl

You Can't Feed Them Ham! by Kathy Ellis

Hospitality Room by Lori Othouse

Dust by Renita Koehn

The Kindness of Fat Joe (Based on a true story) by Glenn A. Hascall

Mount Nightmare by Kelly Klepfer


Under the East River by Maxx .

Being Like Jesus by Angie Schulte

Good Morning Friend by Kathy Bruins

Sessions on the Couch by Karen Deikun

My Stuff by Elisa Mitschow

Dylan's Demise by Karen Jimmy

Five Loaves and Two Fish by Chris Miller

Here the Battle is Joined by Lisa Smith


The Breath of New Life by Joanne Malley

You're On! by Lynne Gaunt

Summoned by Sermon, Scripture and Staircase by Marjorie Arrowood

Visiting Mt. Moriah by Glenn A. Hascall

The Pit by Robert McFaddin

I am Willing by Melanie Kerr

The Betrayal by Lisa Smith

Angela's Heart by Karen Deikun


My Only One by Theresa Veach, Ph.D., HSPP

Freed From Prison by Corinne Smelker

No Place For Sissies! by Lois Jennison Tribble

Which Do You Choose? by Lori Othouse

Deer Momy and Dady by Sally Hanan

Thy Will Be Done by Linda Germain

Golden Boy? by Lynne Gaunt

My Favorite, the Underdog by Karen Jimmy


The Silent Partner by Cheri Hardaway

The Frosting Eaters by Amy Finley

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing by Lois Jennison Tribble

Shrewd Businessman Pulls a Fast One by Linda Germain

A Sound Investment by Bob Zoellner

Shrewd Businesswoman by Delores McCarter

The Taming of the Shrewd by Matthew Morgan

Midnight by Crista Darr

Chapter 10: LEADERSHIP

Counting the Cost by Lisa Smith

Testimony of a tire-changer by Lori Othouse

And the Winner is... by Karri Compton

The Mother Load by Nancy Hardy

Green and Mean by Cheri Hardaway

Getting her M.R.S. Degree by Lisa Beaman

His Father's Eyes by Dixie Phillips

Modern Day Moses by Lynda Schab

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