Table of Contents

Chapter 1: BLESSED

Blessed Beyond Measure by Henry Swart

Blessings Counted with Higher Math by Al Boyce

Just One of Those Days by Kathy Cartee

Suited For Blessing by Lynda Schab

How Blessed I Am by Marcell Billinghurst

Heaven Gently Whispered by Diane Johnson

Blessed More than Most by Candace Marra

It's a Cling Thing by Brenda Kern

Chapter 2: POOR

The Things He Never Knew by Glenn A. Hascall

Jeans for Jesus by Hope Horner

A Pair of Shoes by Stacy Alleyne

God is So Good by Lynne Gaunt

The Day God Threw a Party by Nola Mickan

Poor Girl by Tammy McCoy

Poor Perspectives by Jackie McCauley

Potty Trained by Kathleen Shelton

Chapter 3: HUNGER

Hunger No More by Al Boyce

The Red Bucket by Lynne Gaunt

Eat Your Oatmeal! by Lois Tribble

An Ancient Recipe by Hope Horner

Trust and Obey by Lynda Schab

A Feast in the Storm by Verlie Ruhl

Tellurium Meltdown by Glenn A. Hascall

My Portion by Allen Duty

Chapter 4: SATISFIED

Rats without a Parachute by Al Boyce

Sat-With-Faction by Lissa M. Lee

Move Over, Martha Stewart! by Joanne Malley

Scared Girl Walking by Glenn A. Hascall

I'm Content Living in the State of Iowa by Cyndy McNaul-Nelson

Eating to Live by Linda Germain

Genuine Satisfaction by Verlie Ruhl

A Twist Of Satisfaction by Dori Knight

The Coffee Cup Dragon by Erwin Robledo

Chapter 5: TEARS

Dancing With The Devil by Lucian Thompson

No Weapon Formed Against Me Will Prosper by Lynda Schab

Teardrops from the Heart by Donna J. Shepherd

Sight Beyond Tears by Erwin Robledo

Who cried that day? by Melanie Kerr

Tears Of A Clown by Linda Miller

The Comfort Bringer by Darlene Hight

Bottle of Tears by Cyndy McNaul-Nelson

Chapter 6: LAUGHTER

The Laughter Thief by Melanie Kerr

Beware of Laughter by Rebekah Bentley

The Smell of Laughter by Brenda Kern

Shelly by Barbie Jefferson

He Laughs by Glenn A. Hascall

A Harmful Dose of Medicine by Joanne Malley

Have a Laugh on Mia by Wendy Decker

Lisa's Laughter by Lynda Schab

Chapter 7: INSULTED

And Eve Thought She Had Problems by Deborah Anderson

And You Shall Be My Witnesses... by Brenda Kern

A Murderous Mind by Lucian Thompson

The Gangs All Here by Corinne Smelker

Crossing the Line to Win the Race by Linda Germain

Beyond Appearance by Debbie OConnor

Insults "and Injuries" by Michael Aubrecht

Ed Is Watching You by Verlie Ruhl

Chapter 8: REJECTION

I Try To Imagine by Jackie McCauley

The Jesus Prom by Kristin Slavik

Angel in Disguise by Kathleen Shelton

My Quest for Beauty by Lisa Beaman

The Honor Student By Darlene Hight

Learning about Love from a Cow and a Bucket by Verlie Ruhl

Brick by Brick by Susan Klein

The Truth About Jeffrey by Jennifer Solla

Chapter 9: REJOICING

Rejoicing in the Lord by Rebecca Stuhlmiller

A Hop, a Skip and a Jump by Melanie Kerr

Rejoice in All Things by Jenny Veleke

Christian Lasagna by Hope Horner

Whatever Happens,Just Rejoice by Tesiri Yarhere

Come Let Us Rejoice by Marcell Billinghurst

He Never Ceases to be Good by Candace Marra

Joy In The Presence by Jackie McCauley

Walking by Faith Not by Sight by Chris Miller

Chapter 10: REWARD

Now Hiring by Addie Mattern

Preacher Man by Teresa Lee Rainey

Petinka's Pleasure by Joanne Malley

Rick's Reward by Hope Horner

Absent From The Body ... Present With The Lord! by Lucian Thompson

That's Not In My Job Description! by Lynda Schab

You Deserve It! by Zillah Williams

The Do-Gooder's Reward by Henry Swart

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