Table of Contents


Them Gates of Hades by Melanie Kerr

The First Day of the Rest of Her Life by Linda Germain

Back to School by Dub Wright

School Daze by Angie Wetmore

Will I Have the Right Shoes by Marina Rojas

Overcoming the Classroom Terrors by Mary Elder-Criss

Huge Steps by Brenda Fletcher

The First Day of Daily Vacation Bible School by James Snyder


I Dream of 16 by Brenda Kern

The Reservoir by Kimberly Allen

Class Reunion by Jeanette Biesecker

Homilectical Peer Pressure by James Snyder

Teens, Brainpower and Peer Pressure by Sandra Snider

Now, The Battle Continues by Martha Currington

Pickets in Your Pocket by Lissa M. Lee

The Transformation of a Non-Conformist by Glenn A. Hascall

Chapter 3: TEACHERS

Character by Kenny Paul Clarkson

The Blood of a Teacher by Lisa Beaman

Tam by Corinne Smelker

A Teacher by Jean Boulmay

Standing Like A Stonewall by Michael Aubrecht

You Might Be Surprised, If... by Martha Currington

B for Blessing by Holly Payne

Once Again the Student by Mary Elder-Criss


Here's to the 92 by Dub Wright

It's Elementary by Amy Steele

The War of the Worms by Lynne Gaunt

Stinky Olí Cristofer by Corinne Smelker

Where Did Jesus Go To School? by Dan Blankenship

Music Class by Randy Chambers

The Change of Seasons by Walt Gilliland

Not Ashamed by J. C. Moran

Chapter 5: EXAMS

Making the Grade by Mary Elder-Criss

The Final by Kevin Kindrick

Final Exam by Donna Shepherd

Student-Teacher Conference by Lynda Schab

Checking for Fruit by Brenda Kern

The Final Exam by Patricia Sheets

The Proof of the Pudding by Melanie Kerr

Open Book Test by Al Boyce

Chapter 6: THE PROM

Grandma's Prom Dress by Patricia Sheets

Do You Hear The Music? by Randy Chambers

Flight of Fancy by Corinne Smelker

Prom Night by Karen Treharne

Heavenly Vision by Linda Germain

The PROMise by Lynda Schab

Someone Has to Make the Corsages by Kristee Pittman

I Want What he Has! by Lynne Gaunt

Chapter 7: BULLIES

Confessions of a Black-Eyed Bully by Kay Brown

Recipe for Creating a Bully by E. Dian Moore

Donald Day by Robert Drury

The Shiner by Sylvia Bunn

Burning Coals by Colleen Smith

I Was A Third Grade Bully by Lynda Munfrada

My Sweet Revenge by Cyndy Nelson

The Gosh-Awful, Horrifying, Hateful, Make Your Hair Stand on End, Cursed, Detestable, Life Threatening, Triple Dog Dare - Mary Elder-Criss


Miss Goody Two Shoes by Donna Haug

Whose Rules by Larry Elliott

That's Not What It Means by Jean Boulmay

It's On Fire! by Annette Agnello

Permission to Breathe by Faithaline Stanislaus

The Rule Breakers by Kristee Pittman

The Problem With Breaking The Rules by Roger Crane

Silver Linings by Corine Smelker


Set the Toilet Paper Free by Lynda Schab

The "Do Over" by John Hunt

Confessions of a Perfectionist by Mary Elder-Criss

Learning to Hide the Word by Brenda Kern

A Date With a Serial Killer by Larry Hill

Java Journey by Ann Marie Brown

Three Lessons by Trish Thompson

And The Winner Is ... by Corinne Smelker

Chapter 10: GRADUATION

Not In My Footsteps by Randy Chambers

Twice Promoted: Jason's Story (Based on a true story) by Glenn A. Hascall

Free Indeed! by Lynda Schab

Diabolica's Toast by Corinne Smelker

Grandma's Graduation by Brenda Cope

Graduating Into Life by Rebekah Bentley

Change of Address by Marie B. Corso

Watch for the Nod, Y'all! by Jennifer Deibel

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