Chapter 1: GREAT

Unsearchable by Kenn Allan
Love Letters by Lori Othouse
Simple Simon by Bonnie Derksen
Spit and Polish? by Lissa M. Lee
Great Expectations by Linda Germain
A Time to Shine by Lynda Schab
The Boy Inside the Man by Tim George
A Simple Prayer? by Sue Dent
Great Belief by Beth Muehlhausen
Crimson Tears by J. C. Moran

Chapter 2: SOUL

The Forgotten by Kenn Allan
The Main Event by Lori Othouse
Vultures of Guilt by Stephanie Bullard
The Alley Prayer by Debora Dyess
Death of a Tent by Janet Rubin
A Soul's Last Breath by William Price
Soul Pawn Shop #316 by Sandra Fischer
The Soul Playing Sole from Seoul by Philip Barnes
Hushpuppies for Annie by Teri Wilson
The Collector by Larry Elliott

Chapter 3: WALK

Baby Steps by Kenn Allan
Umuhoza's Walk by Helen Paynter
Tucker: Living In Divine Order by Lynda Schultz
I Heard a Walk by Rachel Burkum
Six Years--Thirty Steps--One Heart by Jan Ackerson
The Lonely Road by Melanie Kerr
Walk in the Dark by Allen Scovil
The Long Walk by Stephen Paynter
Jacob's Walk by Bonnie Derksen
Exiled--At the End of the Walk by Glenn A. Hascall

Chapter 4: WORK

Executive Decision by Kenn Allan
A Fisherman's Prayer by Sandra Petersen
Spurgeon Never Told Me There'd Be Spit-up by Kenny Blade
Confessions of the Anti-Martha by Jan Ackerson
The Tale of Aspen's Work by Lisa Cox
The Work of His Heart by Ann Grover
The Canary Keeper's Wife by Teri Wilson
Can You Do It Now? by Lissa M. Lee
God's Work by Tim Chezum
Just a Carrot? by Helen Paynter

Chapter 5: VISION

A Vision and a Vow by Lynda Schab
The True Story of the Three Blind Mice by Jan Ackerson
The Smell of Grace by Teri Wilson
The Turpentine Vision by Sue Goodreau
The Unwanted by Amy Michelle Wiley
Underlined and Highlighted by Venice Kichura
Me-Centered? Me Think Not by Joanne Malley
The Vision Quest by Melanie Kerr
Victory Over Short-Bed Pick-Up Trucks With Big Tires by William Price
The World Doesn't Depend On Me by Suzanne Rowe

Chapter 6: VALLEY

Crazy Annie's Uncanny Valley by William Price
Valley of New Life by Thomas Kappel
The Day Daisy Walks by Amy Michelle Wiley
Valley Of The Shadow by Larry Elliott
He Shouts! by Venice Kichura
Humility by Kenn Allan
Love Like a Kick in the Head by Teri Wilson
The Valley and the Mountaintop by Sandra Petersen
Death--The Darkest Valley by Karen Treharne
On the Road to Sparkling Valley by Tim Chezum

Chapter 7: THE CROSS

What, Little Tree, Will You Be? by Melanie Kerr
The Mystery of the Artist by Samuel Connelly
A Wretch Like Me by April Bailey
Do Not Linger Here by Jan Ackerson
It Should Have Been... by Lynda Schab
Red Carpet Treatment by Elaine Taylor
Crux by Folakemi Emem-Akpan
The Bearable Lightness of the Cross by Ann Grover
Conversation with a Crow by Teri Wilson
Taking Worry to the Cross by Bonnie Derksen

Chapter 8: MELODY

If Not For the Blackbird by Ann Grover
Song For Her Savior by Sandra Petersen
Monsignor Thomas Needs a Miracle by Teri Wilson
The Maestro's Opus by PF Davids
Silent Melodies by Allison Egley
God Doesn't Wear Earplugs (but sometimes I do) by Lynda Schab
Sweet Snippets of Song by Tabiatha Tallent
The Song of the Donkey by Amy Michelle Wiley
The Sweetest Melody by David Morey
Your Melody of Praise by Linda Watson Owen

Chapter 9: RIVER

A Snapping Turtle, A Catfish, and a Chicken Bone by Jan Ackerson
White Water Snorkeling by Brad Paulson
A Writer Runs Through It by Sandra Fischer
Drink Up and Be Filled by Joanne Malley
Rock Paper Scissors by William Price
River Quest by Crista Darr
The Foggy Boggy Guru by Philip Barnes
Killing Mother by Suzanne Rowe
Immersion by Ann Grover
The Banks of "If Only" by Bonnie Derksen

Chapter 10: GARDEN

Spindly Little Men by Kenn Allan
Thumbs and Thorns by Sue Goodreau
I'm Being Good, Mama by Jan Ackerson
Answer in a Maze by Ann Grover
The Witness of the Garden by Melanie Kerr
Teachable Moments by Kimberly Barnes
Two Plants in a Garden by David Story
If Corn Had Ears by Joanne Sher
Princess Pig Pen by Val Clark
Dandelion Tears by Judy Burford

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