Altar by Ann Grover
Come Home, Oh Weary Traveler by Crista Darr
Promise: Fulfilled by Stephanie Bullard
Not To Me? by Purity Snowe
Woman at the Well by Venice Kichura
Wrong Again! by Shannon Redmon
Questions and Answers by Melanie Kerr
The Purpose-Driven Dog by Teri Wilson


Momma by Karen Deikun
A Wretch Like Me by Sherry Wendling
Denim and Lace by Jan Ackerson
Abandoned Seeds by Karen Rice
Hurricane Strength by Lynda Schultz
Clean Up on Aisle Five by Tim Chezum
Grandma, Billy Graham, and Red Tomato Jam by Sandra Petersen
Feeding on the Word by Linda Germain

Chapter 3: LOVE

Chicken Hearts by Kenn Allan
Gavrilovich's Gift by Ann Grover
A Lifted Veil by Debbie O'Connor
A Mother's Love by Lynda Schab
Redemption by Anita Neuman
Paradise Lost in Translation by Linda Germain
Rhamadi by Maxx .
The Color of Love by Lisa Smith

Chapter 4: HOPE

At 3:00 AM by Purity Snowe
Sunrise Song by Kenn Allan
Losing Hope by Maxx .
Homemade Hope by Ann Grover
Dangling Hope by Corinne Smelker
One Last Assignment by Sherry Wendling
A Mother's Tears by Marita Vandertogt
The Profit by Debora Dyess

Chapter 5: JOY

Mmmm by Jan Ackerson
I Dance by Sherry Wendling
A Harvest of Joy by Ann Grover
Holy Ground by Helen Paynter
The Bad Apple by Crista Darr
Sugarboy by Kris St. James
Sequence of Joy by Sharlyn Guthrie
Happily Ever After? by Tim Chezum

Chapter 6: PEACE

The Collective Works of the Voices in my Head by Anita Neuman
Permanent Peace by Brenda Kern
Magic Moment by Beth Muehlhausen
A Promise by Purity Snowe
Perfect Peace 101 by Marita Vandertogt
A Daily Pursuit by Rita Garcia
Diagnosis by Emma Claire
Old Conflicts Don't Die by Sandra Petersen


The Merchant's Cat by Kenn Allan
Just Ask a Tree by Lynda Schultz
Angel Faces by Pat Guy
The Shadow by Purity Snowe
Who Wants to be a Prosperity-Heir? by Lynda Schab
The Prospector's Tale by Ann Grover
Here's the Thing... by Cristy Zinn
Prosperity's Son by Rod Loche'


The Last Day by James Clem
Dr. Krebnitz's Moment of Glory by Jan Ackerson
The Meaning of Life by Anita Neuman
The Sentinel by Kenn Allan
Paralyzed With Purpose by Theresa Veach
Of Butterflies, Bees, and Being by Ann Grover
Perch Perspective by Brenda Kern
Justice by Larry Elliott

Chapter 9: ABUNDANCE

In the Scullery by Kenn Allan
All About Rhubarb by Ann Grover
Cornucopia by Jan Ackerson
God's Girls by Folakemi Emem-Akpan
Door Matt by Val Clark
Then Trouble Met Grace by Bonnie Derksen
A Picture of Pop by Debora Dyess
Defining Moment by Lissa M. Lee

Chapter 10: LIFE

Surrendered to Red by Brenda Craig
God Is... by Linda Watson Owen
R.S.V.P. by Garnet Miller
A Worthwhile Life by Brenda Kern
Brownies, Cappuccino, and Grace by Jan Ackerson
Her Life on Holy Paths by Birdie Courtright
Age to Age by Ruthie Yang
Standing Fast by Steve Uppendahl

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