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Post by GertrudeGrace »

Is there any way that I can delete my stories for critiques?
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Re: Critiques

Post by Shann »

If you don't want to have red ink (constructive feedback) when you submit your stories, you can check the box this author does NOT want constructive red ink. Of course, you might still receive some, especially in the weekly challenge because the main purpose of the challenge is to help authors grow and learn what works and what doesn't. After the judging is completed, that line at the bottom of your article does go away, so if someone is reading it after names are attached, they won't be able to see your choice of not wanting red ink.

There isn't any way for you to remove comments on the challenge entries, nor do I believe there is a way for others to remove them. Even when people ask to leave FW and remove their names from all articles, readers can still see the challenge articles as well as all of the comments just not the author's name .

I know it can be really hurtful sometimes to read what feels like criticism. Just remember, you don't have to agree with the comments and 99% of the time, those who do leave critiques truly want to help the author grow as a writer. Part of being a writer is getting used to rejection, bad reviews, and constructive criticism.

I've cried over comments before, gotten mad, and totally disagreed. I also have learned more than I ever dreamed possible from these comments. I am a person who often leaves constructive feedback and I try to pray before I read and comment and ask God to guide me. Sometimes I clearly hear his voice telling me to only leave positive remarks. I never want to hurt someone's feelings and it crushes me when I do.

In about ten years, I've received many messages from people who were deeply hurt over my comment. After they reached out to me and told me, I always tried to respond immediately, explain my reasoning in more depth, and give references to back up my opinion. After seeing my reasoning, only 3 people still were very upset over me, telling me I totally ruined their love for writing. I still feel horrible that my attempts to help could hurt someone that much (Although years later, one person did apologize and said he went to write at other places and realized my suggestions would make his writing stronger.)

You may wonder why I keep leaving feedback if it hurts me to hurt others. The reason for that is even though I've received some PMs saying I hurt them. I received hundreds of thank yous for the time, effort, honesty, and love I try to include in all of my feedbacks.

I think because this is a Christian site, many people don't want to leave constructive criticism so instead the same general "fluff" comments can be left, which might make the authors feel good, but doesn't help them grow.

You may want to consider submitting stories to the Critique Circle, where feedback is private. The author is the only one who sees it. (I just realized maybe you were asking to remove your stories from the Circle. If that is the case, you can remove them in the manage your writings on the main sign in page.)

Another thought might be to request some ratings feedback (you need to be a platinum member for this). This might help you understand some of the comments or might negate comments too. These ratings come from the judges for that week and the comments come from the challenge coordinator. Again it's private, so only you see it.

Another great way to handle feedback is to leave constructive feedback yourself. It will help you figure out what does or doesn't work for you and change it in your own writing and it also will help you understand where critiquers are coming from.

I know my words probably don't help much, but I also want to stress when I leave constructive comments it takes me a lot of time. I really think and pray about it and I rarely leave constructive critiques unless I see a lot of potential in the author, so it's one of the higher forms of compliments I can give someone.

Here are some great articles about receiving criticism: ... 1719575398 ... r-writing/

I hope this helps even a little. But please don't get discouraged. If you're writing, it's almost certain God's given you that gift for a reason. If you're really not interested in feedback, or if criticism is too much to deal with right now, you may not want to enter the challenge because it is a place where others are encouraged to give constructive feedback. I hope that you don't choose that route because I believe it's a great place to become a better writer, but sometimes it does become necessary for your sake to take a short break. Many of us here have had to do just that (including myself), but I hope you keep sharing your work with us and that clicking this writer does not want constructive red ink will enable you to keep entering.

Hugs. :hugs2 :hugs2 :hugs2 :loveyou :loveyou :loveyou :grouphug3

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