“Critters” Trademark or Copyright? 7/20/09

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“Critters” Trademark or Copyright? 7/20/09

Post by itsjoanne » Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:38 am

This week's article is VERY practical, and a thought I'm sure all of us have had! What does Glenn have to say about copyrights and tradmarks?

I am writing short stories about a talking critter. She gets into all sorts of trouble almost daily. She lives with a lady who took her in.

That's a little background. My question to you is this: Do I need to get a trademark for this critter? Also, is it necessary to copyright every short story? What kind of risk do I take if I don't? Also, what do you think of the poor man's way of copyrighting?

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Do “Critters” Need a Trademark or Copyright?

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