Freelancing in a Down Economy 6/15/09

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Freelancing in a Down Economy 6/15/09

Post by Writetrack » Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:00 pm

It seems everyone is feeling the effects of the faltering economy. Assignments - even from those clients who have been great in the past - are tapering off.

The question is whether it is sometimes necessary to actually lower your fees in order to not only maintain the clients you already have but compete for new ones, as well.

Glenn discusses the current economy and how it affects freelance writers. He also addresses when, why, and if discounts are ever justified.

Here's this week's question from a FaithWriters member:

Q: I've had a few prospects get in touch asking for a price list for article writing. I came up with a list based on other price lists I have seen in the past, but the problem is most of the time these people never get back in touch. I'd say it's my deodorant, but they asked by email. Any idea what I did wrong? I'd like to work. With the current economy I need all the jobs I can get.

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