Finding Better Source Data 3/16/09

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Finding Better Source Data 3/16/09

Post by Writetrack » Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:00 am

Have you ever read an article that contains information "found online" that you know is not fact? Or, have you ever written an article and used information from online research? How can we really know what is fact and what isn't? Should we always assume that information we find is correct? A FaithWriters member asks the same thing. Here is just a small portion of his/her letter to Glenn:

What about when people say, "I Googled that" and came up with such and such. How do writers discern what is fact and what may be erroneous information on the Web in general?

To read the rest of the questions, as well as what Glenn has to say about research, click here FINDING BETTER SOURCE DATA

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