How Far Outside the Box? 3/2/09

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How Far Outside the Box? 3/2/09

Post by Writetrack » Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:46 pm

Trouble thinking outside of the box? Wondering why it's even necessary to think outside of the box? Trying to discover who you are as a writer? Then read on...

Glenn tackles a common issue that writers face, particularly when first starting out in the business. Here is a question sent in by a FaithWriters member. Maybe you can relate:

Q: I have always struggled with thinking outside-the-box. Writing fiction, especially for things like the Writing Challenge at Faithwriters, often demands some kind of outside-the-box perspective. Yet because I find myself at a loss to create something uniquely original, I frequently find myself reverting back to the familiar as far as plot lines, setting, characters, etc. Could you share any wisdom that might help writers like myself?

To read Glenn's answer, click here:

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