Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up 1/12/09

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Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up 1/12/09

Post by Writetrack » Mon Jan 12, 2009 6:46 am

Are you feeling discouraged in your writing? Do you know you are called to write and desire to use your talents for God's glory but don't have any support from your friends or family? Do you need clear direction about what to do and even if you should keep pursuing your dream?

If you ansered yes to any of the above questions, this week's Weekly Writing Article will show you that you're not alone. Perhaps you will identify with the writer who recently sent Glenn a rather lengthy letter expressing the frustration and discouragement she feels as a poet. Here is just a portion of that letter:

I really want to write for a living and would even endure the pain and tingling if God opened the doors for me to get published, I just need direction so I stop feeling discouraged.

To read this woman's entire letter, as well as see how Glenn responded to her, click here:

For more information on becoming a FaithWriters 500 member so you can access this article and dozens more like it (and receive many other wonderful benefits, as well), check out this page:

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