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Best of the Best Contenders - 2014

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:14 am
by Deb Porter

They Call Me Annalee (My Life in a Blog) by Francy Judge ... p?id=46155

Flawed Suppositions by Linda Goergen ... p?id=46201

Nature Speaks by Kenn Allan ... p?id=46296

Use Before… by Gerald Shuler ... p?id=46376

When the Party is Over by Cheryl von Drehle ... p?id=46421

The Feel of Clean by Linda Goergen ... p?id=46488

Winter, Cold and Bare by Dave Walker ... p?id=46552

Just in Case by Marlene Bonney ... p?id=46617

Crossing The Final Frontier by Pauline Carruthers ... p?id=46698

Willow Room by Mike Newman ... p?id=46764

Love Me, Love Mine by Virgil Youngblood ... p?id=46840

Diary Pages Torn and Tattered by Charla Diehl ... p?id=46892

Who Knew by Virgil Youngblood ... p?id=46946

Goofy Footed on the Bunny Slope by Francy Judge ... p?id=47029

For Sure by Verna Cole Mitchell ... p?id=47096

Nature - A Giant Fishbowl by Graham Insley ... p?id=47147

The Horse's Rear End by Graham Insley ... p?id=47198

My New Coat by Francy Judge ... p?id=47251

Absurd! by Jack Taylor ... p?id=47267

Transformation by Leola Ogle ... p?id=47325

Shadows on the sand dunes by Margaret Kearley ... p?id=47392

Come In Time by Lynda Schultz ... p?id=47466

The Parable of the Powerful by Melanie Kerr ... p?id=47581

The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost by Margaret Kearley ... p?id=47663

Beruz by Jack Taylor ... p?id=47682

Washed Out Roads by Tracy Nunes ... p?id=47790

Red~ by CD Swanson ... p?id=47873

Born Ugly by Dave Walker ... p?id=47944

Hoofbeats by Kenn Allan ... p?id=48059

The Treasure of Time by Pauline Carruthers ... p?id=48115

Palmed Vessel by Tracy Nunes ... p?id=48199

Encyclopaedias Have Been Upstaged by Ellen Carr ... p?id=48246

Gated Prisons by Tracy Nunes ... p?id=48329

An Ode to Technology by Joanne Sher ... p?id=48353

A Perfect Place for Jesus by Dave Walker ... p?id=48445

Just a Trickle by Margaret Kearley ... p?id=48505

But You'll Help Us, Right? by Leah Nichols ... p?id=48559

Entwined by Tracy Nunes ... p?id=48617

Perfect Palace by Francy Judge ... p?id=48670

From Razed to Raised by Vincent Lyons ... p?id=48715

Re: Best of the Best Contenders - 2014

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:14 pm
by Deb Porter
Only one quarter left until we name our Best of the Best winners for 2014. Ten more opportunities to be in the running for these very special awards (and cash prizes).

Love, Deb

Re: Best of the Best Contenders - 2014

Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 8:25 pm
by Deb Porter
We are down to the last two places for this year's Best of the Best awards. The current topic (Voted off the Island) and next week's topic are your last opportunities to be in the running for this great prize.

Love, Deb

Re: Best of the Best Contenders - 2014

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 10:59 am
by lyndaschultz
Oh, wow! Didn't expect this!