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Best of the Best Contenders - 2009

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:33 am
by Deb Porter

Butterfly by David Morey ... p?id=24178

Hello…Goodbye by Lynda Schab ... p?id=24251

The Answer to Everything by Loren Thomas ... p?id=24493

Picnic at Coyote Creek by Betty Castleberry ... p?id=24586

The Saga of a Temporary Loser by Jason Swiney ... p?id=24897

Serengeti Subterfuge by Beth LaBuff ... p?id=25014

Bide a Wee, Bully by Lynda Schultz ... p?id=25131

The Words that Torment by Melanie Kerr ... p?id=25377

The Suit Jacket of Grace by Jan Ackerson ... p?id=25476

Hit or Miss by Ann Grover ... p?id=25720

The Waffle Carol by Sheri Gordon ... p?id=25873

This Tree Has No Candles by Keith Wallis ... p?id=25905

A Christmas Recipe by Melanie Kerr ... p?id=26057

How I Got a Present on the Twelfth Day of Christmas by Jan Ackerson ... p?id=26233

Forgive Her Trespasses by Beth LaBuff ... p?id=26390

The Joker’s on Me by Lisa Mikitarian ... p?id=26540

Baby’s First Gift by Debbie Roome ... p?id=26750

The Hands of Two Fathers by Debbie Roome ... p?id=26890

Lookin’ for Peas by Dianne Janak ... p?id=26949

Train Wreck and Truth by Debbie Roome ... p?id=27163

Our House by Tim George ... p?id=27237

A Journey of Death and Discovery by Debbie Roome ... p?id=27383

Alas, Poor Yorrick by Jan Ackerson ... p?id=27484

Snotcicles by Shirley McClay ... p?id=27614

Illapa Dances Behind My Eyes by Jan Ackerson ... p?id=27683

And the Gentiles Shall Come to Thy Light by Carol Slider ... p?id=27808

Blind Eye by Corinne Smelker ... p?id=27900

Too Great a Shame by Kellie Henningsen ... p?id=28027

Home Where I Belong by Debbie Roome ... p?id=28143

The March by Rick Higginson ... p?id=28302

Among the Ancient by Michele Roach ... p?id=28435

The Seven Year Smorgasbord Itch by Lisa Mikitarian ... p?id=28586

The Composition by Rachel Burkum ... p?id=28807

Life Experience by Jana Kelley ... p?id=28983

Benched by Kristen Hester ... p?id=29105

A Tainted Life by Melanie Kerr ... p?id=29326

Day of the Storm God by Carol Slider ... p?id=29569

The Lady of Light and the Nocturnal Knight by Myrna Noyes ... p?id=29748

The Filthy Water in a Washing Machine by Debbie Roome ... p?id=29957

Renaissance by Verna Cole Mitchell ... p?id=30020

AND that's our 40 Contenders for the 2009 Best of the Best awards. Well done to all who made it onto the list (particularly to those who have more than one entry in the running).

Love, Deb

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:48 am
by Deb Porter
Ten more places left for contenders in this year's Best of the Best awards. Ten more topics to get that 1st place in the Editor's Choice. We've got a really wide range of contenders already. Who'll be next?

Love, Deb

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:11 am
by Deb Porter
Michele's "Among the Ancient" entry comes in as our 31st contender for this year's Best of the Best. Just nine places to go....

Love, Deb

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:55 am
by itsjoanne
Wow - LOTS of different names up there! I only noticed a few repeats. Cool :)

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:30 am
by BettyDee
Is it time to call my designer about my evening gown yet? I want to look to look nice for my walk down the red carpet to the FaithWriter's "Oscar" presentation. :lol:

This could get complicated. I'll have to make sure I'm not using the same designer as anyone else. You know, like Debbie or Lynda, or, or....Tim.

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 6:28 am
by Deb Porter
Still chuckling at Betty's last post (FW awards. Sounds like fun!)

Just added Lisa's latest victory to the list as our 32nd contender. That's two she has in the running now. What a line up! So many worthy contenders (and still eight places to go).

Love, Deb

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:49 am
by Hoomi
Yo! Adrian! I'm a contender!

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:09 pm
by itsjoanne
Hoomi wrote:Yo! Adrian! I'm a contender!
hehe, Hoomi :)
You are definitely deserving of being up there.

sigh...SOME day my name will be up there.

Posted: Sat May 02, 2009 6:07 am
by Deb Porter
Well done to Rachel, coming home to FaithWriters and landing slap bang in the 33rd slot as a contender for this year's Best of the Best awards.

Who will be next? Just seven spaces left!

Love, Deb

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:06 pm
by Deb Porter
I've just updated the list for the last four weeks, and that brings us up to (and including) our 37th spot in the Best of the Best Contender list. Just three more spaces to fill, and only one more topic left after Bitter and Sweet closes.

Who will be our Best of the Best Champion this year?

Love, Deb

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:15 pm
by itsjoanne
WOW - the year has gone FAST! (and I'm STILL not up there!!)

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:49 pm
by CatLin
itsjoanne wrote:WOW - the year has gone FAST! (and I'm STILL not up there!!)
Me either, Jo. :? Maybe this is my week! :rolling :rolling :rolling

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:29 am
by Deb Porter
Myrna Noyes and Debbie Roome have the 48th and 49th entries in contention for this year's Best of the Best awards.

One place to go, and we'll know who that is on Thursday. It's getting exciting!

Love, Deb

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:54 pm
by dandelionflower
And Yippee for Verna (a faithful friend and FW if ever there was one) in capturing the last first place!


Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 4:31 pm
by Tally
How is the Best of the Best decided?