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Bonus Prize Winner - Year(s) Challenge

Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 6:49 am
by Deb Porter
It's time to announce this week's winner of our little bonus prize for the Year(s) Challenge. Our winner is.................


Grace will receive a ratings feedback report on her entry in the "Year(s)" Challenge sometime after the winners for that Challenge are announced on Thursday.

Congratulations Grace! You should have received a private message from me to your account at FaithWriters. If you didn't, please let me know.

For more information about the Ratings Feedback Reports and the weekly bonus prize, please read this thread: ... hp?t=32188

Love, Deb


Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:12 am
by GrannyR
Congratulations Grace on being the bonus winner. I'm looking forward to my review by the judges. Good work.

Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:01 pm
by Tricia
Congratulations Grace. :D

Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:00 pm
by FreedomWriter
Congratulations, Grace!

Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:36 pm
by Deb Porter
I haven't heard from Grace yet, so may have to send her another message to see if she wants this feedback report.

Stay tuned for our next bonus prize winner announcement in the next day or so.

Love, Deb

Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:33 pm
by FreedomWriter
Funny that you say 'want' it, Deb.
My original post on this thread was not simply 'Congratulations, Grace'. I had something written out...and deleted it.

I thought about if I won it, how would I react.

There's something about putting your work out there for evaluation that scares the daylights out of me.
It's different than entering the challenge. That is like being in a crowd.
Winning the evaluation, is like being on stage in a spotlight.

I think for me it means fearing the input?

Fact vs. Facade :D

For those who take the opportunity, I commend their strength!

Congratulations on your opportunity, Grace!

Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:31 pm
by Deb Porter
Rikki, you nailed it. That's exactly why we don't just hit them with it. A person has to be ready for this type of critique. If they aren't, then it could be quite discouraging (which is the opposite of what we want).

It's vital that a writer eventually does seek this sort of input, though, particularly if they are looking for publication. But it has to be in their own timing.

Love, Deb