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The Challenge winners will be posted here two weeks after entries close for each topic, and the Highest Ranked entries will be posted sometime later that day or the next.

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Post by CreativeWords » Fri Nov 06, 2009 12:07 am


Excellent work all around this week.
Rachel Phelps

The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

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Congratulations , winners

Post by thirdmillenium » Fri Nov 06, 2009 12:14 am

Hi Everybody
i joined faithtwriters only 20 days back and wrote a story for challange in "GREEN". My story is nowhere to be seen in the list but that does not make me disappointed. Thanks for the judges for including it anyway, and to readers who viewed it.
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Post by katypetunia » Fri Nov 06, 2009 12:42 am

I just got free to look at the Boards and oh, oh, OH - THANK YOU JUDGES!!
I'm pretty new, and am VERY honored.

CONGRATULATIONS to everybody!!! :grouphug
I am in awe of you all.

Kate Oliver

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Re: Winning Entries for GREEN

Post by itsjoanne » Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:02 am

WHAT a list! SOOO many pleasant "surprises" on it. :D

Anyhow, time for WOOWOOS...

WOOWOO to MMMMAAARRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIII!!!(You are #1, yeah, you are #1 - hey hey hey!) AANNNN!!! BBRRYYYAANNN!! VVVVVVEEERRRNNNAAAJJJJJ!!! TTIIMMMMYYY!! (EC from beginners? WOW) NNNOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL!!!!! (SO glad to see YOUR name up here too, my friend!) CCAAARRRRROOOOOLLLLL!!!! CCCHHAHRRRRLLLAAA!!! CCOOLLIIINNN!! DUB! (yup only one exclamation point for you ;) wonder who took your 201st this week. Congrats) PPATTTRIIICIIAAA!! MMMIIICCCKKKK!!!

Great job, folks!
Joanne Sher
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Post by yomamarita » Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:55 pm

Ohman, Jo, Thanks for the special woohoo. I think my feet hit the ground today. Was fun floating yesterday. Am still totally shocked, though... :)

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