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The 2013 Page Turner Contest is Up and Running

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:12 am
by Deb Porter
Hi everyone.

If you are a Platinum 500 member, it's time to get that first chapter and synopsis ready for this year's Fiction Page Turner contest.

Here's where you can find out all the details, and submit your application: ... turner.php

(Non-Platinum members who would like to know more, you can find out here: )

This is the biggest contest we hold each year, so if you are working on a novel, or even have an idea for one in mind, this contest is for you.

After you submit, I will contact you to let you know that your entry has been safely received. In the early days of the contest, I won't be checking the entries every day. So give me a week or two, and if I haven't contacted you, PLEASE contact me and ask me to check. There is a link to my contact page near the bottom of both the above pages. If I'm online, you can use the chat button for an immediate response.

As always, the Page Turner contest is huge, and most definitely worth entering. If you miss out this year, there won't be another fiction Page Turner until 2015.

Love, Deb