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Post by Hoomi » Thu Nov 15, 2007 8:07 pm

As of this moment, I doubt I'll dive into next year's Page Turner, mostly because I'm not sure about writing non-fiction.

I think I do fine with non-fiction essays, but I'm not sure about taking a non-fiction concept and expanding it into a book-length project.

Of course, time will tell. Five months from now, God may smack me upside the head and motivate me to enter the contest just to get me started on some project I'm supposed to do.

It's funny how it works that way.

It makes me think, too, that maybe He has a better idea for your project as well, Joanne. (*flashes for a moment to the scene of the Heavenly Throne and God saying, "Of course I have a better idea! I am God, after all!"*) I'm betting you'll find yourself redirected and burning up the pages before you know what hit you.
“It is the artist who realizes that there is a supreme force above him and works gladly away as a small apprentice under God's heaven.” ~ Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

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