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The HOME for Christian writers!
The Home for Christian Writers!


General chat, updates and discussion about being a part of the FaithWriters Platinum (500)

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Pencil 4 (150-199 Posts)
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Postby Althea » Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:11 pm

I'm almost done with the Apprentice course. Here is some of my thoughts on this.

Some say it is pricey. It was next to the cheapest of the five things I checked out and wound up being the most robust in the fact that it had me taking bites out of article writing of every type, some of the business side of writing, non-fiction writing, screen-plays, and of course the fiction side of things. It isn't limited to any age group either. One of the things I looked at was only about writing for children and cost nearly as much.

Having it be so well rounded helped stretch me. Like someone else pointed out, I have parts I just hated to do. Somehow I pulled them off fairly well in the end.

It has nothing to do with Jerry's writing style either. You better write your own way because it will come out better in class. :lol: Had to throw this in here because of my own experience.

You don't get to chose your mentor, but mine is awesome and has been great with working with my schedule. Last winter I actually was disabled for four months and was typing with one finger for at last three of those months. Only good thing that kept me from getting too far behind is I had all the time in the world to type with one finger. This past fall I got married and that actually set me back faster than the disability. I'm catching up now because my mentor has the time for me to hand in assignments as soon as I have them done.

For the person asking about how much time you spend per week on the assignments. It all depends on how you work, but I average about THREE hours per week for CWG and the rest of my writing time is on articles, a novel, and trying to crank out things for the weekly challenges here. I do all this around being married, working a full time job, trying to stay healthy, be a leader in our women's ministry at church, and getting away on weekends some times. Of course, we can add time with family, trips to the chiropractor to keep things working right in that respect.

I'm not sure how the course is handed out now, but I got my entire 50 lesson book up front even if I'm paying monthly. I signed up at the end of April 2006 and have until the end of June 2008 to finish since my first assgignment was handed in on May 15th. It is two lessons per month and you have 25 months to complete all 50 lessons.

Is it easy? NO! Is it worth it? Yes!

It cost more to fix my car due to a turkey than it cost for this course. ;) Well, my insurance covered a good deal, but it was over 800 bucks that stupid turkey caused and it walked away from the accident. Talk about a new definition of hit and run.

As my brain derails, I'm going to run off now. :mrgreen:
We are promised trials and tribulations in this life, but we have the JOY of the LORD as our STRENGTH.

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