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The HOME for Christian writers!
The Home for Christian Writers!

How Do I Just See the Newest Posts?

Frequently asked questions for life at FaithWriters and here in the forums.

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Deb Porter
FaithWriters and Site Admin
FaithWriters and Site Admin
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How Do I Just See the Newest Posts?

Postby Deb Porter » Sat Oct 07, 2006 12:39 am

Have you ever arrived at the message boards and been a bit overwhelmed by all the forums, and all those messages that you may be missing?

Well, here's how to see a list of all the posts that have been made since you were last on the boards.

On the main page of the Message Board, go to the upper right-hand corner, and you'll see three links. The top one says:

View posts since last visit

If you hit that, it will show you all the posts that have been made since the last time you logged on.

No more roaming through all the boards trying to find out which posts to read. No more missing important posts because they are in a forum you don't normally read. No more time wasting (well, I can't actually guarantee that).

The other two links can be helpful too. The next one is:

View Your Posts

This is for all those of us who don't want to read anyone else's posts--just our own (ROFL). No, seriously, this is a help if you want to quickly check something you wrote, but can't remember where you posted it.

The last one is a nice link:

View Unanswered Posts

This is the one to bless all those lonely posts that no one ever responded to. If you are feeling benevolent, this is a nice thing to do.

One little hint: If you shut your browser before checking all the latest posts, it will wipe out the list and the next time you visit the boards (even if you come back straight away) it will only show the posts that have been made since you closed that browser.

Also, if you leave the message boards open but inactive for any length of time, it will treat that the same as if you have closed the browser window. So the best advice is to check all the latest posts whenever you visit the boards or you may miss out on something really important.

Love, Deb
FaithWriters' Writing Challenge Co-ordinator
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