Attention All Christian Writers and Readers!

Looking for a Christian writers' group in your area or have a group of your own? Use this forum to make the connection with other writers.

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Re: Attention All Christian Writers and Readers!

Post by latoya1989 » Sun Jun 05, 2011 2:16 pm

Hello Sir/Ma'am,

With all due respect what is the difference between this site and that site? Are you offering an "addition" or an "alternative?

Thanks! :)


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Re: Attention All Christian Writers and Readers!

Post by Writetrack » Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:24 am


Not sure what you're asking. FaithWriters is a place for Christian writers to showcase their work, interact and fellowship with other writers, offer feedback, advice, and encouragement to other members on their work, as well as receive it on their own writings. Non-writers are more than welcome to join FaithWriters simply to read the work that's posted, too. is our sister site. This is where readers can go to access articles, devotionals, poetry, etc. that's been posted in the Free Reprints section of (it's automatically transferred to FaithReaders when it's posted). FreeI Reprints allow readers to use the material for free on their blogs, websites, in their church bulletins, wherever.

Is this what you were asking? If not, please clarify and someone will jump in to answer. :)

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