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Christian Music, Movie, and Book Reviewers Needed

Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 10:57 am
by mcdanko
Faith Filled Family Magazine is a Christian, digital, interactive publication aimed at helping families live victoriously in Christ. We have a global distribution of 157,000 readers.

The Good News: We are growing, and are unable to keep up with requests to review material for Christian books, movies, and music.

The Better News: We need you!

We are looking for someone who is very analytical, and knows their scripture well. In our music section, we analyze music lyrically to see if they align with scripture, and also describe sound/genre to our readers. For movies, we analyze content against scripture, give pros and cons for the movie, and rate it for Christian family friendliness. For books, we analyze them, and follow the same format for movies.

All of our reviews are from well-known Christians with established work. Also, all material for review will be provided.

We also enforce confidentiality, as all of our material is received before release date.

Please note, we are currently not offering compensation at this time. We do, however, actively promote our authors on our website and in the magazine via interactive author bios. We have also interviewed authors, and reviewed their work. We love to promote our writers!

If you are interested, please contact our Editor In Chief, Michelle Danko, at [email protected].

For further information about our magazine, and for formatting, please visit: