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The HOME for Christian writers!
The Home for Christian Writers!

How To Gain Victory Over Sin (Second Edition)

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How To Gain Victory Over Sin (Second Edition)

Postby Fadingman » Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:52 pm

I have just released the second edition of my book, How To Gain Victory Over Sin. It contains both new and updated content to help the struggling believer overcome his sinful habits.

The e-book is free through Google Play Books ( and Smashwords ( The Kindle version is 99 cents (the minimum I can charge), and the paperback is $7 (


Why do we need to be sanctified in this way? Well, as it says in Romans 6, God does not want us to live in sin anymore. We have been redeemed and have a new Master to obey. But even though we have been set apart to God and we want to obey Him, we still have urges to do things that are sinful. This is because our change of status before God does not in itself change our sin nature.

Let’s assume I really did steal that car I mentioned earlier, and during my trial I discover to my shame it was the judge’s car I stole. If the judge knows this, but pardons me anyway, I’m justified of the crime. Legally I am just as innocent as if I didn’t steal the car. That in itself is fantastic news to me! But suppose I stole that car because I’m a kleptomaniac: someone with the urge to steal things. The judge’s pardon frees me from any legal responsibilities I may have, but it does nothing about my compulsion to steal. I might not want to steal any more, but I still get urges to do so whenever the opportunity arises—urges I am very likely to succumb to because of my weak will in this area. (Think of a drug addict who wants to stay clean, but is continually bombarded with the urge to get high.) Even if the judge pardons me every time I steal his car, that’s a terrible way to live! It’s not good for me or for those around me, and more importantly, it dishonors the judge who has been so merciful to me. Not only do I need pardon, I need my kleptomania controlled, and ultimately cured.

In the same way, being justified by God does nothing to alleviate our sinful desires. Legal innocence does not cure an evil heart. But neither does being set apart to God, as the history of Israel shows. And self-control is futile because self is the source of our problem. To control and cure our sinful urges, we need supernatural help from outside of ourselves. We must look to God to supply what we lack, and this He has done by giving us His Holy Spirit.

Andrew Bernhardt
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Re: How To Gain Victory Over Sin (Second Edition)

Postby Shann » Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:41 am

Congratulations! Happy Dance!

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