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First place EDITOR'S CHOICE winners will also be eligible for the yearly "BEST OF THE BEST" Grand Prize Winners! These winners will be chosen by our panel of judges from all of the EDITOR'S CHOICE winners throughout the year. First place will win $300.00, Second place will win $100.00, and Third place will win $75.00. Winners will be announced July 1st of each year.

The Official Writing Challenge
The FaithWriters.com Writing Challenge is a great way to develop your skill by writing to topic, word count, and deadline. You select and compete at your level of ability, while having FUN at the same time! While everyone helps each other grow as a writer. You may even become a Challenge winner.

SILVER MEMBERS are assigned four (4) credits to enter the Challenge when they join FaithWriters. These credits can be used anytime the member desires. Four in a row or just on topics that interest them. See for yourself how it sharpens your writing skills and why it is so loved and appreciated. Taste the Challenge!

CASH PRIZES FOR ALL FOUR LEVELS. At the end of every quarter the judges will select the best entry from each level. They will each receive a $50 cash prize. This will replace the $20 weekly cash prize for Masters only.

This Week's Topic: CHECKING IN OR OUT (hotel/motel on vacation)

Entries for this topic close at 10:59 AM Thursday, New York time as displayed on this clock.

Important: The minimum word count allowed is 150, and the maximum is 750. All entries that fall outside this range are disqualified.
3 Entries This Week


There are 3 entries so far for this topic. Entries for this topic will close at 10:59 am next Thursday New York time.

For ten weeks every quarter we announce a new topic and give you the opportunity to hone your talent as a writer by submitting an entry based on that subject.

Entries are then judged by a team of editors using eight specific rating categories. Each entry is judged on its own merits, based on those categories. You can find out more about the rating categories by visiting the FaithWriters' Message Boards.

The Writing Challenge is open to GOLD and PLATINUM members, with one entry allowed per member per topic.

SILVER members are assigned four credits to allow entry to four Challenge topics during their SILVER membership. These credits can be used at any time--all in a row or spread out over time.

The ten highest rated entries each will receive:

* the EDITORS' CHOICE AWARD on their entry;
* publication in an upcoming FaithWriters' book (subject to publisher approval); and
* possible publication in an upcoming issue of FaithWriters Magazine http://www.faithwritersmagazine.com/

At the end of each quarter, a cash prize of $50 will be awarded to the best entry from each of the four levels (Beginner/Level 1, Intermediate/Level 2, Advanced/Level 3, Masters/Level 4) during that quarter.

The judges' five highest rated entries for each level of ability (Beginner/Level 1, Intermediate/Level 2, Advanced/Level 3, and Masters/Level 4) for each topic will receive a LEVEL CHAMPION AWARD on their entry. Please read our Guidelines for Choosing a Level before submitting your entry http://www.faithwriters.com/challenge-level-guide.html

The Challenge runs for forty weeks each year (July to June), and the three best entries submitted during that time will receive a BEST OF THE BEST AWARD, with cash prizes on offer. The Best of the Best winners are announced on July 1 each year.

The highest ranked entry overall for each topic will be in the running for the annual BEST OF THE BEST AWARDS, with three cash prizes on offer. The Best of the Best winners are announced on July 1 each year.

The judges' five highest rated entries for each level of ability (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Masters) for each topic will receive a LEVEL CHAMPION AWARD on their entry. Please read our Guidelines for Choosing a Level before submitting your entry.

The Challenge is a lot of fun and very rewarding, as well as providing a way to connect with other writers and receive help and feedback. You can even join a Challenge Buddy/Critique group to help fine-tune your entry before submission. You can find out more about Challenge Buddy groups on the FaithWriters' Message Boards.

The Challenge does have a few rules, and it's important to read those before submitting your first entry (and a quick refresher for long time Challengers never goes astray). You can read these rules HERE.

For more information about the Challenge, please read the HOW IT WORKS guide or visit the WRITING CHALLENGE FORUM on the FaithWriters' Message Boards for up to the minute information regarding rules, judging and results, as well as all the latest Challenge chat and FAQs.

Each topic runs for one week, with the winners announced HERE and on the FaithWriters' Message Boards in the WRITING CHALLENGE RESULTS FORUM. You will also find all the highest rankings for each level in that forum.

Submission Deadline:
Entries close on Thursday at 10:59 AM (New York time), one week after the topic is announced, or when 200 eligible entries have been received for that topic. To keep track of closing dates for each topic, please visit the WRITING CHALLENGE GENERAL SCHEDULE FORUM on the Message Boards.

New topics are announced immediately after the previous topic closes. Winners for the closing topic will be announced one week later.

* * *

SILVER MEMBERS, once you have used your four credits, don't miss out on all the Challenge fun. You can join in simply by upgrading to either a GOLD or PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP from as little as $5.95 a month.

SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY to this week's challenge. The topic is: CHECKING IN OR OUT (hotel/motel on vacation).



There is no better place at FaithWriters to get feedback, make friends, and improve your writing than the Writing Challenge." Joanne Grand Rapids, MI "

The Writing Challenge is a wonderful inspiration for coming up with stories you might not have, otherwise. What members sometimes don't realize is the potential of those stories and articles once they're written. I personally went on to sell several of my Challenge entries to paying publications. Not only is my pocketbook a little heavier, but my writing resume' is, too. " Lynda Jenison, MI "

The Writing Challenge has helped me in many ways to become a better writer. The first thing is the deadline encourages me to write more often than I ever did before I started entering the challenge. The topic has pushed me to think outside of the box. Lastly, the word limit teaches me to tighten my sentences and writing up. When I first started writing I would focus on too many items and found myself cutting up to 2,000- 3,000 words in each challenge. Now I've learned to get rid of words and focus on one main idea. Most of the time, I'm only cutting 200-300 words. I can look back to my first challenge ever, and it's incredible to see how much my writing has grown." Shann Dansville, NY

"There's simply nothing like FaithWriters' Writing Challenge anywhere on the internet. You'll develop the disciplines of writing to a topic, writing to a deadline, and writing within a word limit--all in a safe and nurturing environment of fellow Christian writers who will encourage and mentor you while you hone your craft. " Jan Three Oaks, MI

"Participating in the weekly FW Challenge has been so much fun and a true blessing. It is a joy-filled experience to blend my writing and my faith within a community of very talented writers. Reading entries from other members has probably helped me the most. I continue to be in awe of the master story-tellers who can do so much with 750 words (or less!). The weekly cycle of entries is exciting and addictive. " Sherrie Kaneohe, HI


Congratulations to our BEST OF THE BEST Writing Challenge winners! Out of over 2,000 entries over the past year, these three entries have been considered to be the very best!

1st Place ($300)
B'rikh hu by Ann Grover

Read Interview

2nd Place ($100)
Assegais and Shields by Corinne Smelker

3rd Place ($75) In the Secret Place by Ann Grover
View Past Best of the Best Winners
Quarterly Challenge

Congratulations to our Quarterly Challenge winners! The judges top pick from each level wins a $50 cash prize. Click on a name to read and comment.

Level 1 Beginner
A Reason to Stand by Jamie Boettcher (Stand Up for Jesus Challenge)
Level 2 Intermediate
Coming Out Day by Jenni Starkman (Stand Up for Jesus Challenge)
Level 3 Advanced
Does Jesus Want Us To Stand Up For Him? by Barbara Nicholson (Stand Up for Jesus Challenge)
Level 4 Masters
B'rikh hu by Ann Grover (I Surrender All Challenge)


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