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Previous Challenge Entry
Topic: Peer Pressure (07/05/04)

TITLE: Pickets in Your Pocket
By L.M. Lee


When I saw the topic this week, I originally decided to pass. Peer pressure always takes me back to acne laden, palm sweating, hormone activating days of puberty or was that yesterday at the church single’s picnic? Whichever, who in their right mind would want to venture back to either place?

Yet in my prayer time today, another kind of peer pressure kept raising its ugly head. No, it wasn’t the memory of my agility in the watermelon seed spitting contest.

What could be worse than sexual interaction compounded by competitive peer pressure?

Not much, but I believe the political peer pressure being exerted today is the most dangerous pressure we face.

Why bring this up? Duh, it is an election year!

I participate in several discussion boards, which I generally feel compelled to throw my 2 cents in with frequent regularity whatever the topic. One board has taught me an invaluable less regarding peer pressure.

When I joined the site the majority of the members were pleasant, God-fearing writers. The stories were light and inspirational. I enjoyed a small amount of success and was developing relationships with other writers. I was having fun!

Then it happened. One of the writers, who professed to be a Christ-follower, wrote a piece on how Wicca was a perfectly acceptable form of worship. When I questioned how a believer could promote such idolatry, I was suddenly barraged with a full repertoire of humanistic and politically correct rhetoric meant to put me in my place.

I was summarily labeled:

“Rush-listening, religious homophobe, imposer of morality, underminer of the Constitution, trasher of the First Amendment, bigoted fool, gun-toting, pick-up driving, Nascar watching, white-socked clad, uneducated, King James quoting, fundamentalist fanatic.”

Okay, I probably am all of those things, but I soon learned that my thoughts and opinions would now be considered stupid, naïve and totally irrelevant because I had the audacity to believe in black and white!

First everyone was kindly patronizing, “Poor dear, she just doesn’t get out much. If she was as enlightened as us, she’d recognize the error of her ways, tisk-tisk, poor lil’ dear.”

Over time however, the more I stood on the side of Biblical truths, the crueler the remarks. Instead of discussing ideologies, I was hammered with attacks on my personal character.

What happened next utterly amazed me. Whenever someone wrote an agreeable comment on one of my stories, that person became a target by association. The same bullying was mounted against these individuals, simply because they had agreed with me.

These vicious attacks drove many away. I even backed away, pulled all my stories and hid out while my bruised ego healed.

I don’t know if it is my thick Lee skull or just bulldogged determination, but I decided I had just as much right to be there, as anyone else – this is still America! I had paid my dues! I returned the fray and began to see pressure intensify.

The bullies had so intimidated everyone, that now every topic is approached with statements like:

“I am trying to remain neutral…”

“I don’t want to appear close-minded…”

“I am trying hard to ride the fence on this…”

Have you ever “ridden” a fence before? Try riding a picket or chain-link fence. What does a “picket” feel like sticking in your back pocket? How comfortable are those little spikes in your…hum…behind? Imagine staying up there for any length of time.

I just have to ask, is riding the fence really a smart thing to do? Is it really the most comfortable place to be? It takes a lot of effort to balance on such a sharp point.

Envision precariously straddling the fence. It sure would be a lot simpler to just fall off. Whatever side of the issue you fell off on – at least your feet would be firmly planted on something solid – unless of course you chose the wrong side! (ha-ha)

The onslaught of humanistic, post-modern ideologies can be unbearable at times. It is easy to see why Jeremiah was a weeping prophet! But it is important not to give into political peer pressure. We need to take a stand on the side of righteousness and not give into the pressure to deny God’s place in our country’s government.

We need to resist political peer pressure at all costs!

© 7/6/04 Lissa M. Lee

Member Comments
Member Date
Gary Sims07/10/04
Lissa - (See - I too found the hidden door.)

I hate politics! And your article has just helped me understand why. It seems that politics and self-righteousness must go hand-in-hand. No matter which side of the picket fence we stand we look across to the other side and justify why we are there. Politics separates us from each other when God wants us to be together.

You’re right in using this article for the Peer Pressure challenge...the worst kind of self-righteousness rears its head in the political realm - we look for groupies that share our self-righteousness and then, as a group, seek to destroy the other side. Good thought-provoking article. - Gary
Melanie Kerr 07/10/04
I too found the back door! I thought your article was excellent and thought provoking. I reminded me of Elijah on Mount Carmel telling the Israelites to get off the fence. In our PC world people take the whole thing to ridiculous extremes where if you do not fit the mould you get kicked to bits for it. The Church is too PC often for it's own good and has lost the ability to be salt and light.
Mary Elder-Criss07/12/04
Loved your opening paragraph. It drew me right in.

Just wanted to tell you that I have also been where you have spoken about...attacked for my beliefs viciously when they didn't conform to the world's...the side of the fence that stands for Truth is sometimes uncomfortable, as it doesn't make us very popular, and our egos do get bruised, but your wording about having a picket in your erm...behind...sure made it clear to me where I want to be.

Great piece (as usual) Thanks for sharing. ~Mary
Norma OGrady07/12/04
QUOTE I was having fun!>

What a great article you have written here.
I once heard this from a friend.
We must stand up for something, or we will fall for anything.
No where in Jewish or Christian Bible's is wicca permitted.
God told us to keep away from idolatry, even to shun those that practice such.
Satan has so many deceived. Just like he did with Eve. He paints a picture of self growth.
You can do this..God understands. God will never change His word declares this.
What was sin in the beginning is still sin until the very end, when God will reward the faithful.
God tells us to put him first and everything else He will supply for us, as we need it.
You are right to tell the truth at all cost. Most of the Bible prophets and apostles didn't win any popularity contest during their ministry.
We shouldn't expect to win popularity either, when we stand up for God's truth.
God will always bless you for your stand.
Blessings from Yeshua on all your endeavors, esp. those concerning God's word!
Dori Knight07/12/04
Excellent approach - thanks for this.
What an excellent piece. You hit the politically incorrect nail on the head. (I hope that makes sense)I applaude you for standing up for your convictions.
Theresa Knight07/14/04
Well done! Great view on political peer pressure. Well done and let everyone be sure to vote this year!
Elizabeth J Mills07/14/04
Lissa, I too have been slammed for writing freely what I believe. I wrote one article about spiritual warfare sometimes being about showing God's love to our enemies, not necessarily standing up and renouncing the devil and casting our demons. Love can be a powerful weapon, after all, it says in 1 John 4:16 that God is love. Is anyone more powerful than God? No, I don't think so.

Another time I wrote an article and, out of the blue, having nothing to do with what I had written, the person commenting asked me about LOTR. She stated she had talked to a witch and a couple of satanists and they had agreed the movie was all about the witchcraft and satanism.

My reply to her was that I didn't go to witches or satanists for their opinions as they are children of the father of lies and they are full of deception. She wrote me back that I should pray about whether or not I was hurting God's heart by choosing to see a better message in this particular trilogy.

I have no problem being outstoken about my foundation being in and through Jesus death on the cross for our sins and His resurrection, ensuring our eternal salvation if we choose to believe in and accept Him as our Lord.

Keep on sharing the truth, even if it lacks "color."
Marcell Billinghurst07/14/04
A well written testimony. Thank you for having the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Too many people sit on the fence and are not willing to stand up on the strength of their convictions, because they want to accepted by others. God does not want wishy washy, sitting on the fence Christian writers. He wants writers who are willing to use their talents and convictions for His glory. It is His opinion that counts.
Lynne Gaunt07/14/04
I admire your courage in standing up to these people. I know its not easy. Political correctness may have started with good intentions (which is why so many people are fooled), but it is being used by Satan to lead many astray. If you can't stamp out Christianity, just water it down to the point that its meaningless. Very thought-provoking. Thank you for posting this.
Linda Germain 07/15/04
Right on! I can't remember who preached it, but a few weeks ago, someone, either at my church or on T.V. was talking about there not being any "on the fence." He said we are either on one side or the other. My Granny used to tell me, "it is either of God or of Satan." I thought that was a little extreme, but now, with age and more wisdom, I see what she meant. Don't let the miguided get you down, my dear! YOU have the full armor to wear and can withstand the darts. I pray these PC attacks will not keep Christians from the polls!! Keep smiling and keep expressing. You do a good job of it. You get my vote!
Deborah Anderson07/27/04
Keep speaking the truth my dear sister. Good article. Thank you and God bless you.