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       Pamala Thomas


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I am a published author and a ghostwriter/freelancer, married, mother of four and grandmother of seven .. with one on the way. I am in love with my Lord Jesus Christ and dedicate my life to Him.

I am a published author and work from home also as a ghostwriter/freelancer. I offer my services in writing Bible studies, Daily Devotions, Christian Fiction as well as autobiographies for clients.
I had 2 books of poetry and songs published years ago, and will be releasing a third in the near future. I also have released a fiction short Amish story, as well as nearly 100 novellas and novels for clients since May of this year. They are all published on line for sale in my clients names of course. I also will be releasing two new novels soon that will be fiction/mystery and fiction/drama.
My passion is Jesus Christ and I writing for a living.
I am available and write in many genres, with all Christian based messages from fiction to non fiction, autobiographies and biographies,Western Christian Romance, Prairie Fiction Living, Amish Romance and Family. I am willing to negotiate prices to fit all clients needs.
I will be updating my profile/web page soon for links and more info.

  • I have had 2 books or collections of poetry/songs published, a short Amish Love story and working on releasing 2 fiction novels in near future under my own pen name.

  • I work from home as a ghostwriter/freelancer and offer very affordable rates and write in many genres and Christian based themes, including Bible studies and Devotionals.

 Pamala Thomas  Work phone: (217)254-8344
 2600 Prairie Avenue Apt 1  
 Mattoon, IL, 61938  Contact:

biography · accomplishments · contact me


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