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       Lisa Stillwell


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My name is Lisa Stillwell. I am just a simple 1st Grade Teacher Assistant at an Elementary School that God chooses to use. I have been a Teacher Assistant for almost 4 years and drive a school bus full time.

I love mission trips. I traveled out of the country my first time last summer to Puerto Lempira, Honduras. It was a humbling experience. I came back to America grateful for all the things that I have taken for granted most of my life. Puerto Lempira changed me.

Well, let me rephrase that! (GOD) changed me in Puerto Lempira.

I am married. I have three daughters and I am currently seeking God's direction for my life. I have a desire to go back to school to be a school teacher but I am feeling a tug to "slow down" and write. Sometimes when I sleep at night I can hear God telling me to get His words out. It never goes away. In light of it all, I am praying for more opportunities to be published and get His words out to the public. However; I know this will happen in His time.

The little boy in my profile picture is my nephew, David. You would never know it but this picture was taken Christmas 2012. We were dressed up getting ready to go to his Daddy's funeral. Sadly, my brother had a drowning accident three days before Christmas. The smiles were only because of God. God gave us grace right in the middle of our broken hearts! This picture reminds me that God is ever present in our troubles.

Last but not least, I am almost finished writing my book. I wrote a book of Daily Devotions/articles from my own personal experiences. I pray that it might encourage, uplift, heal hurts, and bring others "just one step" closer to our Lord and Savior!

In the meantime... I am praying I will be able to reach hearts for Jesus.

However; I am reminded of the little girl trying to save all the starfish in the ocean....

I might not make a difference to all of them but at least I made a difference to that one!

One soul is worth it! <3


  • Devotional Published in the Fall 2012 Edition of "The Secret Place" as well as the 2013 Summer Edition.

  • Article Published in the 2012 Winter Edition of "The Breakthrough Intercessor."

 Lisa Stillwell  
 PO Box 6144  
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biography · news · accomplishments · contact me


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