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The uniqueness of Juanita Pittman-Brown's gift is that she has the ability to write poetry when she interacts with others and is gifted to be able to pen the connection through words. She has come to realize that over 48 years that this is where much of her poetry has been born. She realizes that the world is only a place, but the spirit is forever.
"WORDS IN BLOOM", her first book of inspirational poetry, is available for purchase on (See Favorite Links -- below),,,, and
You may order her book by calling 1-800-AUTHORS. Her book is also available through book stores print-on-demand. She has a new book which will be available in the near future through the same avenues. Recently, she has co-authored with acclaimed southern artist Jeffrey Callaham from McCormick, S.C. The title of the book is "What A Mother Says", and it features quotes by Juanita and the art of Jeffrey. Further details will be available on her site in the upcoming months. To learn more about Jeffrey and his work, please view his site at

The book distributors of "Words in Bloom" and Juanita's "What A Mother Says" which will be out in the upcoming months are INGRAM (Tennessee Division ), as well as, BAKER AND TAYLOR.

Juanita would describe her life's journey in her quote, "Victory is God's reward for faith under fire". If she could say one thing about her life, this is what she would say, "I do feel victorious in Christ, and the focus of my wiritings always are God the Father, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit". Beyond living her life as if she were to be used by God for a Holy purpose, she truly does not feel that she has a focus; therefore, to be used by God as an instrument and vessel is her daily purpose and aim.

She does feel purposed and inspired to write and to share what is in her heart. It is in the sharing of what pours from her heart she finds the greatest fulfillment and joy.

Her goal is to share the gift God has given her with the world at large; and in that way, she is purposed to write and to share and to continue to pour her heart into word in order that she may share HIS lovely fragrance with the world.

"Words in Bloom", which is a work that involves her writings from 1959 until the present, was published in late 2005 and is now available to the public. This book is merely a grain of sand in comparison to the ocean of writings that she has been blessed to put onto paper.

In the upcoming months, her second book, "What A Mother Says", will be available. It is a book of inspirational quotes which she has accumulated over many years. Details will be posted on her site in the near future.

Jeffery Callaham

A Mother's Heart

Short Story
Seasons of the Tree

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Winter's Song

JUNE 18, 2007

YOU ARE INVITED TO LISTEN TO AN INTERVIEW WITH JUANITA on The interview should be available by June 21, 2007...If you would like to listen to the interview with Juanita on "A Story To Tell", you may access the interview on this month...Please do check that site for details...

Wayne "Scooter" Brown, a resident of Abbeville, S.C., who is the subject of 2 poems on my site "I Was Called Up Today" and "My Grandfather's Deployment to Iraq" has now been deployed to Iraq, and he is now in Kuwait...Please do keep him, his wife Robbie, and all of his family and our military in your prayers...

CALENDARS which showcase the work of JEFFERY CALLAHAM, southern artist, and my work are now available at FIRST CITIZENS BANK IN GREENWOOD, S.C.and AIKEN, S.C. -- The calendars showcase the colorful/spiritual artistry of Jeffery and my original/principled quotes... Please do go by the banks in Greenwood and Aiken to obtain the CALENDAR at FIRST CITIZENS BANK at 518 S. Main St., in Greenwood, S.C. and at 125 Park Ave. SW in Aiken, S.C... Please do view Jeffery's work on his site --
I would like to thank FIRST CITIZENS BANK for this very gracious display of Jeffery's colorful paintings and my quotes...

PAST EVENTS (beginning August 2006):

Book-signing at Walmart(Greenwood) to benefit THE CHILDREN'S NETWORK August 25, 2006

Speaking engagement at Immanuel Lutheran Church September 11, 2006 (Women's Group)(Greenwood)

Speaking engagement at St. Mark's United Methodist Church (Thelma Austin Friendship Women's Group) (Greenwood) September 26, 2006

Interviewed by Bernard Kearse on on his show "Following Your Passions" on October 3, 2006

Participant in Oktoberfest in Newberry, SC, and read poetry from "Words in Bloom" on October 7, 2006

Book-signing at WALDENBOOKS at Cross Creek Mall in Greenwood, S.
C., on Friday November 3, 2006

Speaking engagement at Lebanon PCA Church's Women's group in Abbeville, S.C. on December 11, 2006

Book-signing at Waldenbooks at CrossCreek Mall in Greenwood, S.C on December 15, 2006

Speaking engagement at Gatewood Club in Greenwood, S.C. at the "after 5" Christian Women's Club at the invitation of Betty Chrisley on December 21, 2006

On February 15, 2007, I was present at a showing of Jeffery Callaham's art in Aiken, S.C., at The Aiken Center for The Arts...Jeffery presented to those who attended calendars from First Citizens Bank which showcase his work and are captioned by my quotes...Many people came and much appreciation of his talent was shown...The calendars certainly were a bonus as those who poured through the center were in awe of his finished works of art which do so artfully and soulfully speak of the south...

(February 24-25, 2007)

I was an exhibitor at the SC Book Festival in Columbia, S.C., at the Columbia Metropolitan Civic Center with the SC Humanitites Council...It was my privilege to be a co-exhibitor with Bernard Kearse, who the author of "Bethany, Adventures of The Mighty Mustard Seed"...

(March 2, 2007)

Book-signing at Waldenbooks at Cross Creek Mall in Greenwood, SC...

(March 9, 2007)

Book-signing at "The Little Store" in Hodges,S.C.

(March 16, 2007)

Signing of calendars which features Jeffery Callaham's art and captions by me provided by
First Citizens Bank at one of their branches in Greenwood, SC, on Friday March 16, 2007...

(March 30, 2007)

Signing of calendars which features Jeffery Callaham's art and captions by me provided by First Citizens Bank in Laurens, SC, on Friday March 30, 2007...

(April 6, 2007)

Book-signing at Westgate Mall in Spartanburg, S.C. with Bernard Kearse...

(April 12, 2007)

Jeffery Callaham, renowned McCormick SC artist, and I signed calendars featuring our combined works at First Citizens Bank at Savannah Lakes (McCormick SC)...

(June 14, 2007)

Jeffery Callaham and I signed calendars at First Citizens Bank in Abbeville, S.C. ...The calendars have been an on-going promotional venture of First Citizens and have featured our combined works...There was a great turn-out for the event, and we are very grateful to First Citizens and the residents of Abbeville for their continued support for our creative endeavors...

(June 18, 2007)

INTERVIEW ON (A Story to Tell) by Kevin Dawson -- The interview may be accessed at any time on on the program "A Story to Tell"...

  • Author of "Words in Bloom", a book of inspirtational poetry and quotes".

  • Exhibitor at the South Carolina Book Festival in Columbia, SC, February 2006/2007.

  • Published in Faithwriters Magazine 2004 -- "I Am The Comforter --The Holy Spirit".

  • Public showing of poetry "Universe 12" in 1996 at Laurens County Hospital, Clinton, SC (coordinated by Jamie Adair, Marketing Director of Laurens County Hospital).

 Juanita Pittman-Brown  Work phone: 864-923-1486
 P.O. Box 221  
 Cross Hill, SC, 29332  Contact:

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