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       Judy Sauer


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Listen, for the Holy Spirit speaks to us in many forms. A soft breeze, a gentle rain, or even the sound of our own voice are a few of the subtle ways the Holy Spirit uses to get our attention. "Quiet! Be still." - Mark 4:39 NIV

My prayer for you is that God whispers into your ear and helps you decipher his soft voice above the noises in life.


Christian Inspirational Writer and Motivational Speaker

God has had me on a path for more than 30 years. The path is to cultivate spirituality in myself and others. This includes writing and sharing Christian inspirational stories and speeches. Much of my writings come from being still and listen to what God is saying and asking.

Since childhood, I have felt a special closeness to the Holy Family. My birth initials are JMJ. I have known, without any doubt that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are with me always.


I have published three books. Two are non-fiction and one fictional novel. The latter was an entry in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) writing contest. My books are sold through CreateSpace (publishing company and subsidiary of Amazon) and Amazon.

Prayer is a Relationship: If you’re not listening to God, to whom are you listening?
Prayer is a Relationship - on CreateSpace (publishing company and subsidiary of Amazon)
Prayer is a Relationship – on Amazon

Through the Years: Investing in Your Marriage
Through the Years – on CreateSpace (publishing company and subsidiary of Amazon)
Through the Years – on Amazon

Olive Branch a fictional novel
Olive Branch – on CreateSpace (publishing company and subsidiary of Amazon)
Olive Branch – on Amazon


As an accomplished Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), I have participated in a wide variety of speaking engagements and facilitation experiences. Structuring interactive workshops and delivering content are activities I find highly enjoyable.

For five years I was part of various teams for Beginning Experience retreats for divorced and widowed Catholics. I was actively involved for five years with Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) renewal weekends – at my home parish, another local parish, and when introducing CRHP to parishes in my Archdiocese.

For another five years I worked with the United Way as a Torchlighter Speaker conveying my personal experiences as a recipient of United Way services.

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 Judy Sauer  

biography · favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me


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