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A gracious reminder of how hopeless and helpless life can seem at times, but yet we still have Someone we can call on, Someone who can trickle hope through the depression and anger of being left powerless. Good writing, you definitely fot into her mind.
You communicated the frustration and helplessness of the character well. God does not promise to take away the hard times, but He does promise to be with us through them.
My heart aches as I read this. So young...and how long a life will he/she be imprisoned like this? Yet, as long as this life seems, it's nothing if you measure it with eternity. If you truly want hopeless, face eternity without our Savior. We have so much brokenness here on the earth. Some can be seen, some not. You have touched my compassion in this story. God bless.
While reading, I felt almost guilty for "eavesdropping" on the bitter thoughts of this person. I agonized and sympathized with him (or her) and at the same time wanted to give him an encouraging pep talk. Nicely done - you've put your reader directly inside your character's head which is the sign of a great writer. Bravo!
As the mother of a daughter with a spinal cord injury (though not as extensive as that of your main character), I can say that you have PERFECTLY captured the despair. This is an fantastic piece of writing, and so real that it makes me wonder if you might know such a person yourself.
I could feel the frustration. Very well written.
Fantastic writing, leaves one asking questions of themselves!
Fantastic writing which really drew me in. My only quibble was the first paragraph, which I found a little overdone for my taste. But an excellent piece, nonetheless.
Very well written. It drew me in and didn't let go. I was wishing I could somehow help the main character.
Such vivid, VIVID description! I truly felt like I was inside this person's mind. LOVED the response to God's call - so honest and "bare" - as were all the thoughts. Fine, fine work!
WOW! You did an excellent job of portraying the pain in such a situation!
Absolutely gut-wrenching. What an incredible piece of writing. My heart hurts after reading this, yet hope springs eternal. Wonderful job!
So many questions - and so few answers. Beautifully done and masterfully written, but this heart-wrenching story gave my faith a real workout - That's for sure.
Heart breaking - very well done.