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A soul-touching poem, with a heart-rending message. Well done - and to I detect an allusion to the poet/author Edgar Allen Poe?
Well done, and God bless,

So sad..... So full of meaning ..... So extremely well written.
My favorite lines:
"Pulled by death she had been falling
While the blessed discussed our calling
And we contemplated charters
For an outreach to the poor.
But our righteous work was dreary
And my vision had grown bleary.
So she shot herself on Wednesday
Waiting near my bolted door."

These Poesque rhythms and goblins certainly ferry the message we are meant to grasp. I think this must be the work of one of my future Poet Laureates :)
Touching! Brilliant writing!
What do you mean, it didn't work? This is INCREDIBLE.
All I can say that if this "didn't work" then none of us have any hope! This is incredible -- don't be so hard on yourself. You're a gifted writer! Awesome! :)
A touch of eerie...a hint of darkness...a ton of great!
Excellent and well-crafted. There were a couple of spots that didn't flow for me but that did not detract from the poem at all. Simply superb!
Marvelous, Stupendous, and all the other adjectives. Wow! I loved this. And like the others stated, in my own words, "you gotta be kiddin" Not very good or however you said it. Wonderful! Blessings Brenda
Beautiful job. I'd like to see what you do when you feel like it does work.
WOW!! This is incredible!
Such a God given talent! You are to hard on yourself. As always I enjoyed your entry.

May Our Heavenly Father continue to guide your quill as you write to glorify HIM!
Well written, but not sure I like the message possibly coming from the dead friend -but that's guilt talking, more than theology of the main character. But it's still powerful stuff.
"What do you mean it didn't work?" - I searched and searched for a commenter that said the above words... and came up empty. So, I assume this was a "private comment" made between PM's and Emails; but I tend to agree with the commenter (S.A.)who mentioned that the "dead can not or do not speak"; but the writing is expressive for that type of poetry. Thank you.
Hi Purity, Remember me? I think I recall telling you that you'd be in Master's soon back when you were in beginner's. Some good advice: You are good. Accept it. Don't get all head-swelled about it, but accept it and keep writing. Don't waste your time picking on yourself. You are going places kid.