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Beautiful. The abundance was clear - in hard times, the main character realized how much she had - right? Great writing.
WOW. This is an incredible story. You've captivated the interests of the readers from beginning to end. You set the stage well and delievered a very well, written wonderful piece. I thought the abundance was talking about how the three "simple" words acted as a replacement for the abundance of unloving words shared between the two. I could be wrong though. Great, great work!
A powerful story - I want to know more! what happened to the mother? Great tension -good job.
That story was wonderful! It was so very creative and beautifully heartwarming. I'd leave a critique if I had one, but I don't. You have such a gift!
The personalities of your two main characters were well written and the action was very tense. I liked the three words "You did well" - they seemed so appropriate.
This was fantastic! A wonderful read so full of life and love. Awesome.
You captured the relationship of so many fathers and daughters. This was powerful. Awesome writing, characters, and interaction. Loved it.
A vivid, well told story. Some lovely phrases - I particularly enjoyed the first paragraph and the part where the father comes in looking disapproving, which I think you described particularly well. Good job.
Tears flow like the rain you write of, and all I can say is... Another winner in my book, Kiddo. Good job.
Being a new writer I just wanted to say how inspiring it is to read. You can really see and experience the love between the two characters. I know so many people who have fathers like that and I'm sure it touches them. Thanks!
This is a great story and definitely has the potential for a longer one. I loved the father-daughter relationship and was curious to know more about the mother. What about considering your last line to simply read: "Years of silence forgotten."? Very well written!
Very well written!
Tremendous piece, Amy! You hooked me from the first, and did not disappoint. Here you show a wonderful talent for punching out images and dialogue in short, pointed thoughts. The style fits well with the undercurrent of awkwardness between parent & child. Great ending, great read!
Dad-bunit. I would have made to the end a left a critique. That is until the last three lines. Now I can't see the keyboard for wiping tears. So all you get is tears. That should tell you enough.
very well done, Amy. This piece really grabs the reader. Good use of dialogue and scene. A winner!
All your writing is so great Amy, but this one is above that level.:) Well done!
Very, very good. The last sentence is a real gulper.
I'm so thankful you are using your gift to glorify our Father. Great job!
This was really good. Having been through the Red River flood of '97, it really touched me - as well as with the relationship between father and daughter. Well done!
Excellent characterisation and sense of place, Amy. Really good relational tension between the father and daughter, you showed her pain so clearly. Loved the end, some of us have to wait a long time to hear those words from our dads. Yeggy
I really enjoyed this. I think you did a wonderful job of building the characters. It was also interesting to read some of your earlier work. Even though you already were quite wonderful, the years have still made a difference in your work. I can see this as an encouragement to all writers but especially newbies. Hard work and continued writing does make a difference. You can keep improving even though you are a master and a published author. Your stories give hope to so many, I wouldn't have guessed 6 years ago that you had much room for improvement and you didn't really yet, there is a different degree of writing from then to now. You give me hope because if someone as talented as you can improve then certainly a mediocre writer like myself has potential too--if I only don't give up on myself. Congrats for being one of 400 most read stories! Hugs :)