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very entertaining! I love having some quality fun reads that give such diversity to this challenge. Great work.
Very funny; thanks for the laugh.:)
Enjoyed this...Very comical...

especially your descriptions such as...

"Clara’s face lit up like a bag of Kingsford Matchlight charcoal"
No, Phil is no miser, he's a cheapskate! LOL! Funny, great read. I enjoyed it!
I was getting worried ... but the ending was very funny! Great work. The settings and descriptions were A-1. Good!
Very funny. Isn't it strange that when someone is determined that they will not be like their father, they turn out just like him. Good job. The ending was so rich.
This is grin-worthy from the first word to the last. I absolutely loved it!
Yup. Left me smiling. Greal images.
Enjoyed the humor, great job!
Oh my, this is priceless: "The main thing was that he wasn’t missing her birthday. He knew that for certain because every year on the day before her birthday, he bought a large container of fresh stink bait and as any fisherman knows, good stink bait will last a year stored properly. It was fine this morning when he went fishing."

Good for Gretchen - coming to the rescue like that. :-)